The Ultimate Experience
in virtual training

The Jeff Smith Centre of Excellence is a Purpose-Built professional studio that provides you with the absolute very best standard of virtual training available in the world today.

Face-To-Face Training programmes are the perfect fit for a group of 10 or more people and providing all the elements are in place, you have a wonderful experience with lots of interaction and discussion within the group, you just can’t beat it. However, face-to-face training is not always available at the time you need it most, and it can sometime take you away from your workplace at a critical time. 

This is where virtual training comes into it’s own

Put pics in here to represent one for every virtual course. Breakdown the masterclass into 2-hour sessions


£x per delegate (Early bird offer, join a group offer)

Absorption V Resorption

Finance for non-financial managers

How to get the most out of your manufacturers composite

Individual KPI Modules for Sales, Service, Parts and Bodyshop

Total Masterclass in 2 hour sessions (cheaper than taking individually)