International Business Trainer

On Record As “The Most Successful Author In History”
On KPI and Business Management


KPI Books by Jeff Smith, The KPI guy

Creator of the most critically acclaimed training programmes in the world

No Blue sky thinking…
Just outstanding practical solutions that work in the real world

His Unique Training Programmes And His Ability
To Teach People Ground-Breaking New Concepts
Receives Outstanding Critical AcclaimJeff Smith, The KPI Guy wins award for Business School of the year 2022

He’s cited as one of the world’s best Business Trainers and with all this amazing credibility and his unique materials, he’s the perfect choice for inspiring people how to properly understand KPI, get the very best out of their information to improve business performance.

When you need someone with the highest credibility
and someone who your team will believe,

JEFF SMITH is the perfect choice

He writes truly bespoke training programmes containing highly engaging, dynamic case studies for an amazing learning experience.

Jeff is the only person who presents his unique programmes, he doesn’t use associates so you get absolute 100% guaranteed results.

JEFF SMITH is on record as
the most successful author of all time
on the subject on KPI and Business Strategy

Even after many years of holding a management position,
delegates are still totally shocked

Here’s some typical comments…
Why does no one else teach these things?
WOW, I wish I’d done this training 20 years ago!
This information is absolutely critical and this training should be mandatory for all managers

Jeff’s reputation is unrivalled for creating the best and most useful training programmes available on KPI and Business Management. He travels to clients all over the world to educate management teams to the highest possible level, and to share the very latest profit-building initiatives and Best Practice strategies.

Would you like to work with JEFF SMITH and conduct
ground-breaking business training programmes
for your organisation?

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Jeff’s unique training programmes
cover many areas including:

Jeff Smith explaining KPI on stage“We live in a world where everything is being measured,
take care to measure the right things,
in the right way”

Why Should You Consider JEFF SMITH
when you need to help your team to make a difference

An outstanding Business Trainer is not only someone who can explain things well and thoroughly engage the audience for the entire day, they must also have up-to-date solutions that are relevant for today’s challenging business environment, or your team will switch off 

JEFF SMITH has worked with Royalty, a string of the Fortune 100 companies, some of the world’s largest organisations and their Top Senior Executives. He travels all over the world working with companies to provide training at their choice of venue and he also broadcasts World-Class Virtual Events on KPI and Business Management from his studio in the UK.

Affectionately known as “The KPI Guy”, JEFF is a multiple award-winning International Motivational Speaker, Business Trainer, #1 Best-Selling Author, and and he’s presented many programmes on SKY TV as well as being interviewed on Dubai One, Dubai on Demand, to name but a few.

He gets straight to the point with gripping subject-matter
which is always relevant, on-point and totally practical

Audience Delight

Jeff is well-known for his training style and his training programmes are cutting-edge, totally original and relevant for today. He leaves his delegates energised and wanting more

Guaranteed Results

Jeff is a multi-award winning Business Trainer and the consummate professional. Rest assured, you're in a very safe pair of hands.

Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa presents Jeff Smith with a special award From The Kingdom of Bahrain

Easy To Work With

Jeff is certainly not a prima-donna, he understands how to support his client's needs to create an amazing and valuable experience for the delegates to increase operational performance in the workplace

You're Not Just Booking An Outstanding Buisness Trainer...
You're Booking Absolute Certainty

There’s no need to take any chances with something as important as the training of your most valuable people…

JEFF SMITH is a truly global expert with more than 35 years of corporate experience in more than 74 countries, hundreds of different cities and he’s touched the lives of millions of people 

You know you’re in safe hands because his client list reads like a “who’s who”  of global success and includes nothing less than Royalty, a string of Fortune 100 companies and some of the largest organisations on the planet.

He’s made several programmes for Sky Television and travels the world delivering training programmes to countries including USA, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada and Latin America

His training uses the latest cutting-edge strategies
for delivering outstanding results

Don’t just take our word for it,
here’s what the IMI have to Say

“Jeff Smith’s training programmes have been externally verified by The Institute of the Motor Industry (The IMI) and the standard of delegate assessments, feedback, and support to delegates is 1st Class. Jeff Smith’s approach
and attention to detail sets the benchmark for everyone else to follow.”

Roger Dipple – Lead External Verifier, The IMI.

IMI Approved Assessment Centre - Jeff Smith Centre of Excellence

Wherever You Are In the world,
the quality of Jeff’s work is 100% guaranteed

As Well As Being An Inspirational Trainer,
His Superpower Is Bringing Clarity
To A World Of Confusion

Angel wings for jeff smith super power heroJEFF has the amazing ability to explain complex business strategies into jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands; even where English is not the first language.

He Particularly Excels With Groups Of People With Mixed Abilities And Varying Levels Of Experience

He takes great pride in taking care of people who have the desire to learn and his special techniques bring everyone together as one. It’s a real pleasure to see everyone sharing new initiatives and the latest best practice initiatives to get the very best results.

He’s also unique because he’s developed his own system called “The Pyramids of Power”. He uses his break-through strategies to demonstrate, LIVE AND IN REAL TIME, how you can make change happen in your business

These amazing insights enable delegates to
willingly embrace change and
new profit-building initiatives 

JEFF’s Business Training Career In A Nutshell
The numbers speak for themselves

Motivational Speaker
0 Years
Business Trainer
0 Years
Live Events (Excluding Virtual)
Different Nationalities Attended Events
International #1 Best-Sellers
Words Officially Published

How is it possible for JEFF to have
spoken at more than 4,000 live events

It’s because his clients book him over, and over again
That’s the true sign of an outstanding trainer who adds real value to an organisation

Don’t just take our word for it,
Here’s what one of JEFF’s Client’s has to say

“JEFF SMITH is one of those rare individuals who is both a deep subject matter expert
on multiple topics, as well as a dynamic speaker and trainer”

Daniel Menden – Director of Training
Harley-Davidson University

When You Need A highly credible Business Trainer
who specialises in using key performance indicators
to skyrocket your performance

Harley-Davidson North America

Quite simply, there’s no one better than JEFF SMITH

In today’s complex trading economy during the world-wide lock down, we’re seeing businesses emerge from being cocooned in quarantine, and some of the most needed characteristics of a great trainer are credibility, relevance and empathy.

Having more than 30 years of experience in creating successful business strategies, he knows first hand exactly what it takes to guide business leaders to success in the most difficult and challenging of situations.

Not only does he understand the severe problems caused by the catastrophe of COVID-19, but he also understands the challenges of many different cultures and business environments

he provides real-world, practical solutions with
outstanding clarity and real empathy

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Certified Training

“I must say the training with JEFF SMITH is the most important I have attended in my whole life
I achieved a Distinction and I’m proud to have this amazing certificate to prove it.

Diab Abu Atieh, Technical Support & Training at Juma Al Majid Group
Presented with his A3 parchment certificate at a conference in Dubai shortly after the training took place

Making A Real Difference With People In The Workplace

JEFF Is An Inspirational Trainer Who Makes You Say...

“WOW, that’s amazing! I can do that,
and I want to get started on my business right now!”

JEFF is equally comfortable with audiences from 12 delegates to 5,000
everyone feels engaged, completely involved and inspired to take action.

Audience engagement, Participation and question time
are all critical elements to success with training

Question time in training is so important

Jeff always encourages questions and engagement
to maximise effectiveness 

JEFF is The Master of Audience Engagement
He Conveys his powerful messages whilst answering questions on
how to use KPI to leverage your results


Audience engagement with Jeff Smith

Jeff’s speaking style is always
“Fun With A Serious Intent”

You’ll be discovering how special KPI relationships are formed, and you’ll learn how to properly exploit them.

It blows your socks off as you witness for yourself the transformational change happening in people all around you

off stage and interacting with an audience of 500 people
in Kuala Lumpur on one of Jeff’s 4-day masterclass training events


Key Accounts and Events Manager introducing
JEFF SMITH on stage in Saudi Arabia for Axalta


Axalta Logo“We’ve booked JEFF SMITH many, many times to speak at our Road Shows travelling across The Middle East, and our prestigious Bodyshop Management Training Masterclasses.

He delivers on point every single time because he’s always relevant with great content, he has amazing credibility and he engages everyone the whole time, even on our Masterclass Training that he runs for 2 full days.

We’ve already booked him again for future training programmes because we rate him right up there as one of the very best business trainers in the world, and quite honestly, there’s no one else who operates at his level!” 

Stephen Lois Axalta

Stephen Louis

Key Accounts and Events Manager

He’s The Inventor of Many New Concepts With KPI
which accelerate your progress

He uses powerful, ground-breaking and brand-new methods and his own proven systems to demonstrate to you “live” how you can achieve your goals in business. 

It really is an exciting and an amazing experience to witness him answering questions and to see the transformational change in people around you when he provides the ultimate and most powerful template for success

he shows you how to get the results you want
in the fastest possible time

The Pyramids of Power

Jeff Smith in virtual presentation for KPI and The Pyramids of PowerHe’s totally unique because he’s developed his own system called “The Pyramids of Power”. He uses these break-through strategies to demonstrate to you, LIVE and in real time, (onstage or virtual) how you can make change happen in your business and these amazing insights enable you to reach your goals in the fastest possible time.
He uses KPI to make your life easy when implementing change into your business to
turbo-boost your profits.
The simplicity of his strategies are mind-blowing and that’s what makes them so easy for everyone to understand and implement, no matter where you’re located in the world and no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Once you have these tools,
you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them


Using The Pyramids of Power To Demonstrate Improvements, Live on Stage

In his signature talks, Jeff reveals how certain Key Performance Indicators in your business work in harmony with each other to generate exponential growth in your business.
The buzz of excitement grows as he tells amazing stories and builds dynamic case studies with live, interactive data that gets everyone totally engaged.




Harnessing The Power Of The World's Top Achievers
And Sharing Their Little-Known Trade
Secrets With You

Because of his vast experience as a successful businessman and best-selling author, JEFF has a unique perspective on business growth.

There’s no blue sky thinking, he teaches practical solutions, initiatives and strategies that improve business performance in the real world.

His reputation is such that he’s asked to mentor all kinds of people
including main Board Directors and Government Ministers

New Nissan Logo“JEFF Has Made The Strongest Impression On Thousands
Of Our Staff On Training Programmes And
Our Major Conferences”

so much so that certain individuals look specifically to attend programmes that only JEFF SMITH delivers
We’ve never known this before, it’s totally unprecedented!!!

Jeff’s inimitable style and delivery has meant that our staff and our entire dealer network have a real appetite for our training courses and conferences, what more can be said?

As a meeting planner, I need to have total confidence in the speakers and trainers I hire for our events, whether they’re large conferences with thousands of people, or smaller, more intimate training programmes and JEFF SMITH is always my #1 first choice.

I know when I hire him he’ll be there, he’ll be ready and fully prepared before everyone else and he always leaves our delegates wanting more. He’s able to shape his training and keynote addresses to perfectly suit the outcomes and objectives we’ve set for each of our events and as a meeting planner, I really cannot ask for anything more. He’s a real pleasure to work with and the consummate professional, what more can anyone say.

Veronica Caspari – Nissan Motor GB

Whether You’re arranging a large conference, or
a more intimate event
with multiple languages
and simultaneous translation…

rest assured
you’re in the hands of a real master

JEFF’s first-class credibility and 25-year proven track record
is further supported by thousands of testimonials
from people all over the world


“He’s A Genius Both On And Off The Stage”


“He’s The Undisputed World #1
On KPI And Business Strategy”


“Jeff Delivers The Ultimate In High-Value Content
And Gives A Real Life-Changing Experience”


When You Need guaranteed results and
you can't afford to take risks with your training...

Porsche certified training

JEFF SMITH is the man to trust

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