How To Get Your Business Back On Track After The Coronavirus Lockdown

Hosted With Safe Social Distancing At The Centre of Excellence, Or You Can Join Our Online Virtual Classroom

You’ve had your business closed down, you were not prepared for it and now your doors are open again, but are you prepared for what lies ahead?

The Masterclass For Company Survival
Before animals go into hibernation, they prepare themselves to shut down; sadly, we didn’t have that luxury with Coronavirus. Interestingly, when animals wake up from hibernation, they don’t behave in the same way they did before they went into hibernation. When they wake up, they behave and act in a different way, and that’s what we have to do as we come out of our “business hibernation”, we must behave and act differently to give our a businesses the best chances for survival after being locked down.

Yes, we have to stimulate sales and give our customers what they want, but a desire to go full throttle with lots of enthusiasm is not always the right thing to do. If animals expend too much energy after hibernation, they die and it’s no different for your business… you must get the right things done, get them done at the right time and get them done in the right order.

Waking Up To A New Beginning
When you return to work after lockdown, you have to use your resources wisely and not make bad decisions that blow big holes in your cash flow. There are certain things you absolutely must do and there are certain things you absolutely must not do. Knowing what to do and when to do them is critical to your survival. This is not about “don’t spend money”, it’s saying “Yes, spend money, but invest correctly”… It’s important to make sure you’re using funds generated from the right place to suit your needs and not to make the classic error that many businesses make. You see, a business can survive a long time without making a profit, but it cannot survive a single day if it does not have any cash. Therefore understanding the decisions and “practical actions” you take on a daily basis and how they impact upon your cash flow is absolutely vital. This is where you get to find out about the silly little mistakes many businesses make and these simple errors cause their businesses to struggle, they miss their targets and they’re unable to grow when the market is picking up. The problem is, it’s so easy to make these silly little mistakes if you’re not aware they exist.

“Most owners and managers don’t want to be an Accountant, they simply want to understand what they need to do at an operational level to make their business work properly”,

Making A Difference
This programme is not about turning you into an Accountant, it’s about understanding the everyday practical stuff that goes on and how its impact affects you; this is exactly what this survival programme is all about. Yes, this programme looks at the financials, but it’s all about using the financials to provide the right guidance for the practical, everyday actions you need to take to secure your future and to prevent problems from happening. The world has been forced into a new era and therefore you need new strategies, new KPI and new methods to ensure your business stays alive.

This Masterclass is the pinnacle in Business Strategy covering everything you need to know about securing your business after returning from quarantine following the Coronavirus lockdown. Using the most powerful KPI provides you with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how to implement the key performance indicators you need to include in your business strategy to achieve the results you want.

“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” Albert Einstein

Making profit is one thing, but keeping that profit and staying alive requires a totally different skill. This event clearly identifies the differences between running a department and getting your business through survival mode in this difficult trading environment

Have you ever tried using a best practice technique that someone else is using and having great success, but somehow, it just didn’t work for you? The most likely reason for failure is because you probably don’t have the correct business strategy supporting your tactical initiatives. New strategies require new ways of thinking or you might drive your business into oblivion faster than you though possible.

Within all companies there are two sides that need to be managed. The first side is the industry that you are working within which is about selling your products and making profit. All of these areas are covered in the other masterclasses. The second side is the running of a business and understanding how to set up your business strategy so you can deploy your tactical best practice initiates. You see, many best practice initiatives will fail if you don’t have the correct business strategy in place to support them.

“You can’t just copy “some” parts of a strategy and hope the whole thing works”

Many Dealer Principals spend most of their time focussing on the operational side of the business and few truly understand how business strategy really works and as a result, businesses often have funds placed in the wrong areas, future growth is stunted and market share is stagnant. You must have a stable strategy in place to survive over the next 12 months.

This training module is aimed at generating greater returns on the investment, thus enabling a secure long-term framework with the ability to grow in a stable and consistent manner. This in turn will enable your business to weather-the-storm in these difficult times and have the ability to grow when the opportunities are prevalent. It helps you to channel your enthusiasm and passion for your brand into real-world business strategies delivering powerful results that really count towards survival after quarantine and then growth.

Masterclass Overview
There’s a whole lot of mystique surrounding business strategy and it’s rammed with an abundance of information and jargon. You’ve probably heard phrases like Working Capital, Circulation of Funds Employed and Gearing, but do you really know what they mean and perhaps more importantly, do you know how to use them in your business? It’s a frustrating subject with a real lack of clarity and true understanding, but this masterclass is where everything is made crystal clear.

You’ll be enlightened as you learn what profit really is and how to keep more of it. The basic outline content includes:

• The 3 critical measures that build and strengthen business security after the coronavirus lockdown
• The millionaire formula; how to dominate your marketplace and beat the competition
• Understanding how a modern-day business operates and how to make it better
• When is the right time to expand your business and more importantly, when is the wrong time
• How to develop a compelling business strategy that delivers results every time
• How to weather the financial storms when the market is depressed
• How to increase sales and maintain financial stability to enhance growth
• How to avoid the common pitfalls that cause businesses struggle and fail
• Understanding how cash moves around your business so that you keep more of it
• How to build strategic alignment to deliver growth and stability
• How to identify the right amount of Working Capital required to deliver your objectives
• Understanding and using the most powerful KPI

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of information to cover here and to assist you with some accelerated learning, this masterclass is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies and computer simulations where we give you time to practise what you learn and to discuss what is most relevant to you and how you might put these lessons into practice in your business.

Who Should Attend This Masterclass?

This programme is designed for people who want safeguard their business when they return to work after the Coronavirus lockdown. In addition, it’s to gain more clarity and confidence on financial information and KPI to develop effective business strategy so that tactical and operational best practice can be deployed into their business. If you understand some of your KPI and financial information, but not all of it and you want to banish all doubts, this masterclass is for you.

The Power of Networking Should Never Be Underestimated It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a large franchised dealership or a small independent business, you’ll be working with the latest cutting-edge information to develop your business and sharing your best practice ideas with each other. Jeff Smith is the master of managing a group of people with mixed abilities and objectives so you all learn together without feeling lost or out of your depth. You’ll be meeting with people from other businesses that you wouldn’t normally meet, these encounters are often invaluable and of course, social distancing must be maintained. During this time of Social Distancing, you’ll be in a small and select group of just 4 people where you’ll be made most welcome and your every need will be catered for, regardless of your experience.

Is This Masterclass Challenging?

Oh Yes! This is where you’re going to dig deep, move outside of your comfort zone and squeeze every last drop of juice out of each KPI to ensure you’re well armed for optimising your performance. We want you to gain the absolute maximum you can while you’re here and you get one-to-one support from Jeff whenever you need it.

This Masterclass Is Highly Recommended For:

• Existing Managers with all levels of experience from newly promoted to a 20-year veteran

• Aspiring Managers who want the right training for a properly structured career path

• Teams or individuals with performance measurement responsibility of the business

• People who are part of a strategic planning team who are seeking the best practical ideas for improving performance

• Budget analysts who need performance information to formulate budgets and evaluation

Will This Masterclass Be In Conflict With Any other Training I’ve Done Before?

No, Absolutely not, in fact it will support and strengthen everything you’ve done before! One of the problems is that not everyone knows that KPI benchmarks and baselines are not random numbers, you can’t just make them up, or pluck them out of thin air, they’re wholly dependent upon science. However, some reports don’t apply this science and because of this, in any given month, you might hit some targets but not others because the connections have not been realised. Also some budgets don’t show the connections between the relevant KPI which means that improving your operational performance and hitting your targets on a consistent basis is never going happen and you’ll be held back.

To combat all these misunderstandings and to provide you with absolute clarity, Jeff is revealing the secrets, the science and the evidence behind all KPI benchmarks and baselines so you know how they are created and where the information comes from in this critical areas of understanding. Perhaps more importantly, he’ll also show you how certain KPI are linked together using his “Pyramids of Power” and how certain KPI in this critical area are interdependent upon each other to create harmony and synergy in your business so you achieve consistent results on an ongoing basis.

You’ll come away with the knowledge and evidence to question everything in your business to make sure your strategic vision is correct and achievable every single month. You’ll also be armed with sufficient clarity to explain everything to your team so they buy into you strategy and make change happen. Rest assured, nothing is random and your performance improvement is not left to chance. Once you know the embedded secrets behind the most important KPI, the frustration of hitting some targets and not others will be a thing of the past.

How Long Does This Masterclass Take To Complete?

If you attend The Centre of Excellence, the programme duration is 2 days. We begin at 09:00 and finish around 17:30, or later if you have the energy to continue. The good thing about the Centre of Excellence is that we’re not dependent upon anyone else, we can come and go as we please, which means that we can be flexible with timing to facilitate the best possible learning experience and get the very most out of the programme.

If you wish to join our online Virtual Classroom, Jeff Smith hosts the programme using Zoom and does 5 x 90-minute sessions.

What’s Included In My VIP Masterclass Package? Obviously, you have the 2 days with personal one-to-one assistance at the Centre of Excellence where you attend your masterclass. During this time, we provide you with lunch on both days, refreshments throughout each day and your Masterclass workbook and pen. Hotel accommodation and evening meals are not included because everyone likes to do different things. When the masterclass has finished for the day, you’re free to do as you wish in the evenings,

If you join our Online Virtual Classroom, you’ll be provided with the time schedules for each class lasting 90 minutes and we’ll email your daily workbook for the subjects of the day.

Unrivalled Support

We don’t expect you to remember everything in this intensive programme, you’ll want to study when it’s all over to keep it all fresh in your mind so you can apply it into your workplace. You get to keep your Masterclass Workbook and it’s filled with the critical information and case studies for you to practise, but here’s a real bonus for you.

Jeff Smith will be available to you for a further 12 months. You can contact him by email, telephone, or any other method for help and advice on any of the topics we’ve covered here and he’ll make sure you understand any of the points or KPI you might be unsure about. You may also arrange a return visit to us to speak with our team face-to-face, or connect on Zoom to go through any of the concepts that you’re struggling to understand. This feature alone is worth it’s weight in gold because you can also contact Jeff to discuss anything to do with KPI and the latest trends and Best Practice.

#1 Best-Selling Books

In addition to your Masterclass Workbook, you’ll also receive personally signed copies of Jeff Smith’s books in hardback. You’ll be getting the very latest editions including The KPI Book Third Edition and Management Accounts Made Easy. Your Masterclass covers everything you need and it’s reinforced for a lifetime in these best-selling books.


This Business Strategy Masterclass is also certified, but it’s not a simple attendance certificate just for turning up. At the end of the programme, you can choose to sit an exam consisting of 20 questions with multiple choice answers at both Certificate and Diploma levels. Upon completion, you receive your grade which will be Pass 60%, Merit 70% or Distinction 80%.

Your name and your grade is proudly printed on your prestige A3 parchment certificate stating what you have achieved and it’s signed by Jeff Smith and the President of the Board of Education. It’s valid for a period of 5 years and you can re-validate it online prior to expiry and you’ll be issued with another certificate ot replace it to prove your competence.

Jeff Smith’s training programmes have been externally verified by The Institute of the Motor Industry (The IMI) and all of them have the QAA seal of approval. Apart from this outstanding achievement, here are the words taken directly from the assessment:
“The standard of delegate assessments, feedback and support to delegates is 1st Class. Jeff Smith’s approach and attention to detail sets the benchmark for everyone else in the industry to follow.”

Roger Dipple – Lead External Verifier, The IMI.

To register your interest in this event, please state if you’d like to attend The Centre of Excellence, or if you’d like to join our Virtual Classroom which is 5 x 90-minute sessions.

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