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“The ultimate guide to understanding the
key performance indicators of your business”

ISBN: 978-0-9540259-7-7

The #1 Best-Selling Book In The World
On The Subject of KPI

Download Free Sample of the kpi book third editionThe most trusted and respected book in the world on the subject of key performance indicators has been released in its third edition and now with even more critical information that was never available before.. Every single page gets straight to the point and gives you the information you want in less than 2 minutes making it the most valuable resource available today.

Have you ever looked at your company information and seen terminology that you find a little confusing? Now you banish that confusion forever and boost your career, because all the answers you need are right here.

The KPI Book gives you all the information you need in today’s challenging global business environment. It provides you with absolute clarity on every KPI in Sales, Service, Parts, Bodyshop and even General Management. And the really good news is that you don’t have to study for hours on end, you get the information you want, with complete understanding, in less than 2 minutes.

There’s really no need to leave your career to chance. Give yourself a truly competitive advantage by having The KPI Book at your side when you need it most.  It provides you with the clarity you need to gain a greater understanding of your business so that you can focus on increasing sales, making more profit, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

So What’s New And…
Why Is There A Need For A Third Edition?

There are many new things contained inside this brand new book, and the good news is that everything follows the exact same structure as the original world’s #1 best-seller, so you know you’re going to get the information you need without having to study; Yes, you get all the answers instantly and a lot more of them!

We all know that change happens, but if you’re still relying upon old, obsolete or out-dated KPI to run your business, it’s like having a tyre with a slow puncture… OK, it might not be urgent right now, you can get by, you can keep on working and you can keep on filling the tyre with air everyday. However, you know deep down inside that until you fix the leak, the air in your tyre will continue escaping and as you apply more pressure everyday, the leak will get bigger.

Taking Action Quickly Is Quite Often
The Difference Between Success And Failure

You already know that if problems are not rectified quickly, they become bigger, more dangerous and a lot more expensive to put right. However, the truth is that you need new tools to know that a leak even exists in today’s new business environment and without these tools, you could be running with a slow puncture without knowing about it – hence the need to upgrade the key performance indicators you’re using.

The “slow puncture syndrome” happens in your business when you use old and out-dated KPI, your valuable profit escapes and you won’t get the results you truly deserve.

If you continue relying upon old and out-dated KPI, then you’ll just keep on “pumping in more air” into the slow puncture to keep things going. However, the worst thing is that whilst you’re busy, trying to figure things out and wondering what’s going wrong, those businesses who made the changes quickly, suddenly race ahead of you at a much greater speed.

If You Use Old Information,
You Won’t See New Problems

It can be very frustrating when you can’t see, nor understand why your results are not as you expected them to be in your business and it’s often because profits leaks are invisible when they first occur. In some instances, the solutions are as simple as looking at things in a different way or asking different questions of your operational performance and as you know already, this is exactly why KPI exist.

Using the correct key performance indicators helps you to question your business actions in a structured and systematic way so you can accurately isolate profit leaks so you’re properly armed to quickly take the right actions in your business.

However, if you don’t use the most current KPI intelligence, you may not know that new problems exist and you’ll simply get left behind and you’ll be left wondering why; it can be extremely frustrating and totally infuriating! But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Give Yourself A Totally Unfair Competitive Advantage
And Make Sure You Don’t Get Left Behind

The KPI Book Third Edition a complete re-write of all the previous information to bring every piece of information right up-to-date for today’s challenging environment and it has brand new sections that were not included in the previous editions. What’s more is that every single Benchmark and Baseline has been revisited, re-evaluated and proven with science to quickly identify those nasty little slow punctures and profit leaks in your business. Everything you need has been written in such a way that you can get everything you want in less than 2 minutes which enables you to prevent things from going wrong before they happen. Give yourself a totally unfair competitive advantage and create the opportunity for you to be the one who is racing ahead of the pack.In addition to enhancing your business strategies, you can also improve your personal life by exploring health options like generic Cialis, which can be found on trusted website.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At
What’s Inside The New Third Edition…

Sales Process: This new Third Edition is yet another giant leap forward by Jeff Smith because it includes brand new KPI and business concepts and it puts them at right your fingertips exactly when you need them. It now includes a completely new section which covers the entire Sales Process from beginning to end and reveals all the previously hidden secrets behind KPI such a Enquiry Conversion, Demonstration Ratios and Closing Ratios. It marries up exactly with all the data provided in the critically acclaimed book Close More Deals to provide you with the most up-to-date scientific evidence you need to understand the sales department as a whole. You’ll instantly be able to see what’s working for and what’s not and where your system is leaking; it’s yet another world first.


But That’s Only The Beginning…

Workshop Loading: Since time began, the science of understanding how to load a workshop effectively has eluded managers, but now the secrets have been revealed with brand new KPI on Loading Efficiency and Technical Efficiency. Jeff has unlocked the secrets to understanding this enigma and you now have the power of knowing how to load your workshop in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on that valuable extra profit boost when you clear all the work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. It also shows you how to maximise your loading to optimise your planning and unveils the mistakes people have been making for years.

No more guesswork, no more missed opportunities, and no more frustration because all the KPI and supporting evidence is here for you to seize and steal the advantage.

You Don’t Have To Study…
You Get The Answers You Need In Less Than 2 Minutes!

Brand New New Concepts: There are many brand new KPI to properly assess the skills being deployed at the front of house with Advisor Efficiency for the Service Department and Estimator Efficiency for the Bodyshop. Once again, Jeff has intelligently separated the technical skills of the Technicians from the selling and technical skills of the people at the front of house you now for the first time you have clarity on bonus schemes and who is delivering optimum levels of performance and which parts of your system are hiding the leaks. These new KPI and business concepts are real game-changers and have been scientifically proven in the workplace to ensure their authenticity. Jeff has written them up in his usual easy-to-read style, provided the evidence and the benchmarks so you get straight to the heart of the matter less than 2 minutes with no wasted effort or lost time.

Every Single KPI For All EIGHT
Major Areas Of Performance Are Included

The KPI Book, third edition by Jeff Smith
  • The Complete Sales Process
  • New Vehicle Sales
  • Used Vehicle Sales
  • Trade Vehicle Sales
  • Service Department
  • Parts Department
  • The Bodyshop
  • General Management

It’s Essential For People Who Like To Take Action 
And Make More Profit

The KPI Book Third Edition gives you the information you want, in the way that you want it and at exactly the right time you need it. Absolute clarity for your complete understanding in less than 2 minutes. Every page gets straight to the point by informing you of what each KPI is used for together with a working example so that you can get the very best results out of your business without delay and it’s the perfect size to be right at your side whenever you need it.

The new Third Edition of The KPI Book has even more ground-breaking new KPI and concepts that will revolutionise your business and profitability. It’s easy to see why Jeff Smith is the world’s #1 leading expert on KPI and business strategy.”

Brand Director
Bentley and Lamborghini – Saudi Arabia

“There is an old saying that goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!” With Jeff Smith’s new book you are now easily able to do both. The measurement and application of KPI has never been so comprehensive and clearly explained. This book is major step forwards and a must read for anyone in the automotive sector who wishes to improve their business opportunities and profit potential! Whether you are a seasoned professional or a relative novice there is something to be gained from reading it. Thanks to Jeff, if you ever find yourself in the “automotive darkness” this book will provide you with a focussed and clear light!”

George Wills – Presidente & Director General – Porsche Cars Latin America, Inc.

I Already Have A Copy Of The KPI Book,
Do I Need To Upgrade?

Here’s A Quick Look At The Difference Between The Editions

Looking at the front cover, this brand new book looks exactly the same as the others apart from those two words “Third Edition”. It’s exactly the same height and the same width, but the spine is quite a bit thicker and that’s because there’s a whopping 144 more pages than the first edition!

In this image, Jeff is holding the First Edition next to the Third Edition so you can see for yourself how much more information there in this new upgraded volume.

Is There A Catch? The page size and the font size and are exactly the same as the first edition which confirms that this new book is not marketing hype, it’s not simple trickery, it really does have a massive upgrade of 144 pages that are crammed full with even more valuable information about understanding your business that you didn’t have before. So to answer the question, “No, there’s no catch”, there’s 60% more content and it’s absolutely real.

The First Edition was published in 2001,
the second edition published in 2014,
but a lot has changed since then

If your business goals and objectives have changed over the last year or so, then it’s highly likely that you need to change the way you measure what you do by embracing the very latest KPI intelligence to make sure you don’t miss out. This is exactly why The KPI Book Third Edition exists.

The winning formula of the book stays the same in that the page title, the formula, the benchmarks are following the same trusted structure which led to the success of the first edition. The big difference is that you’re getting all the brand new, cutting-edge KPI and business concepts, PLUS all of the new and adjusted benchmarks and baselines PLUS all of the the very latest up-to-date information to keep you and your business ahead of the game.

Important Note:

Due to the massive changes in the economy with COVID-19 and the new scientific evidence that has been uncovered by Jeff with these new KPI and their working practices, it means adjustments have been made to the benchmarks and baselines and therefore this Third Edition makes the First and Second Editions officially out-of-date, antiquated and obsolete. Due to this fact, we can no longer support the previous editions because they’re missing the vital information for today’s market.

It’s Difficult To Improve In The Current Economy Without
Embracing The Most Up-To-Date Key Performance Indicators

The Top Achievers
 are constantly measuring KPI and The KPI Book Third Edition has all the very latest KPI to help you navigate through the toughest of challenges that are facing you in today’s difficult trading environment. Unless you are working with KPI everyday, the task of understanding everything about them and how they are changing is daunting; there are just too many of them, and quite frankly, it can get very confusing without the right help at your side. 

Why take the risk of relying upon old and
out-dated information?


Understanding Your Business
Has Never Been So Easy!

Now, you and your team have a truly global central point of reference for today’s environment to put you on the fast track to understanding your own business performance and every single aspect of your Daily Operating Controls and you’ll never be lost for ideas for what to do next

There are more than 300 KPI currently in use within the automotive industry today and you are expected to know them all. But in reality, it’s highly unlikely you’ll remember all of them, and that’s why you don’t want to be anywhere without this book by your side to give you the confidence you need and the time when you need it most.

Probably even more important than that is if any of your managers do not fully understand all their departmental information, what chance do they have of making the right decisions for your business and to make more profit if they don’t have the correct clarity and understanding? The key to success is measuring the effects of your actions and responding to them quickly so that you can boost your profits everyday rather than working harder and harder in the vein hope that everything is going to be OK at the end of the month. It’s not worth the risk and you are more valuable than that.

“Hi Jeff. My boss Abuzar Bokhari gave me your book and it is beyond the traditional standards and KPI. You are such an intelligent person and have a vision for accuracy. Actually lot of other people have KPI product but without accuracy and desire results. I love your book man.”

Syed Qadeer Jillani
Manager Services & Operations, Porsche Pakistan

Be The Master Of Performance Reviews, 
And Never Be Lost For The Right Words To Say

The  ability to explain things well to  your boss, or your team, is often the biggest secret to success when you want to clarify your performance or if you want to excite people with new ideas. Most managers learn by their own experience, which can take many years filled with frustrating, expensive and time consuming trial-and-error strategies that sap all the energy and enthusiasm out of you. But there’s no need to continue along that route because The KPI Book Third Edition has all the answers so you can avoid years of pain and frustration and get the results you deserve in the fastest possible time.


“It started paying me back as soon as I bought it!
It’s brilliantly simple, and simply brilliant”
– Trevor Davies


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