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"After our initial interview with Jeff and after contacting several companies he had worked with in the past, we decided to hire Jeff as a speaker for our organization to focus on the KPI known as Absorption.

We asked Jeff to present at conferences in 16 different countries over a period of just over a month. The quality of Jeff's presentations was absolutely top-notch and he easily handled the occasional "naysayer" or "challenger" in the audience through a combination of his experience and his knowledge on the topic.

Our people left each meeting with not only a better understanding, but also a much better appreciation of the topic and its value to their business. Jeff Smith single handedly drove this highly desirable end-result for our organization.

Beyond this very positive end-result however, there is more... Jeff was easy to work with and extremely understanding of our needs and the outcome we desired.

In my book, it simply doesn't get any better. Would we hire Jeff again? Absolutely!

Thanks Jeff!"

Tom Clevinger
Tom Clevinger

Board of Management - DAF Trucks
Managing Director - PACCAR Parts Europe
A Fortune 200 multi-national company

The Harley-Davidson University

In a challenging business environment a good understanding of metrics and KPI's is essential to maintain a profitable dealer network. But before providing the dealers with training it is paramount that the field force is speaking the same language when it comes to discussing profitability and financial analysis.

Jeff Smith helps us providing this critical knowledge by rolling out dealer finance operations training to the field force of Harley Davidson EMEA.

Based on very enthusiastic participants comments I recommend this challenging modular training to any company which is looking for alignment on financial terms across markets and wants to empower their employees to become consultants for the dealer network. Delegates mention that Jeff´s training helps to revisit and reality-check on their business acumen acquired in University or Business Schools and refocus on basic analysis of real dealership situations.

Having participated myself in the training, I can say that it was also inspiring to see Sales Managers, Aftersales Managers and even Controllers and Country Managers discussing KPIs and financial interaction of departments of a dealership.

In summary I would like to quote one delegate's feedback:

"Well done, the best training on understanding finance I attended in my career!"

Jörg Schmidt
Harley-Davidson University - Europe, Middle East and Africa

Well, what can I say? I've done lots of 'business training' in my career; accounting classes, MBA ... you name it. Just to find that what Jeff delivers in a 6 day intense-course is the quintessential of management accounting wisdom that really makes the difference; delivered in a very practical, hands on manner; theory cemented with easy to grasp concepts! Not surprising, coming from someone that does a rubik's cube in record time!

If you get a chance to experience Jeff, go for it!

Markus Kramer
Marketing Director at Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd


Jeff Smith Training at Porsche

"Without question, Jeff Smith writes and delivers world-class training programmes and we're proud to have them available to our Porsche Centres.

I found the quality of Jeff's preparation, the entertaining delivery style and the ease of quantifying the learning all meant that the sessions delivered both clear understanding and an excellent return on the investment."

Duncan Drummond
Dealer Training Manager
Porsche Cars Great Britain


"Jeff has a unique and innovative way of working. This, mixed with his direct approach, his knowledge and experience delivers exceptional results.

His courses are real and clients are banging the door down to get back to the business to put in to practice what they have learnt.

He is not frightened to challenge and if you are confident enough to listen he will help you make changes professionally and personally.

Also his books take a complex subject and brings them down to earth. I would not hesitate to say that Jeff will help your people and business."

Nick Tame
Regional Director - Renault UK


“Jeff is THE expert in his field. He brings his multiple books to life by giving real life examples and has been able to coach and train our staff and our Dealer Principals.

His three phase courses make sure the learning really goes in and the results that eminate are truly spectacular.

An experienced industry professional who can turn around businesses, enhance businesses and share best practice- A Gem!”

Allan Brownridge
Brand Manager UK, Ireland, Africa & Middle East for Harley-Davidson


Jeff is the Consultant's Consultant

For some years now I've watched Jeff almost single-handedly try to drag the Retail Motor Industry screaming into the 21st century.

The fact that he's had more success than the rest of us is down to his ability to speak plainly on financial and managerial matters in such a way that does not put people off.

Modern motor trade managers who genuinely care about their advancement will listen to/read what he says and take notice. He can take them gently through life and career changing development -More power to his elbow."

John Fitzgerald
Motor Industry Consultant

I've worked with Jeff Smith for over fifteen years and in that time, with the increased use of technology, a lot has changed.

In some ways, technology and the never ending amount of information supplied, can act as a distraction for our Managers and can divert them from the basics required of running their business well.

What has never changed are the basic disciplines required to run a successful business and it is these principles that Jeff delivers so well to his audience.

We've engaged him a number of times to make presenations at our General Managers meetings at the Henry Ford College and the feedback has always been outstanding.

Over a period of time, Jeff Smith's presentations and the basic principles within his books have been and will continue to be hugely influential.

Daemon Pink
Director - Ford Retail


Stratstone PLC

Jeff Smith is a real expert in business strategy and delivers his speeches and training programmes in a thought-provoking and challenging way whilst keeping it simple to understand.

His written works have been an asset to my business operation and are included in both daily activity and forward planning.

I would highly recommend Jeff to add both business acumen to your leadership teams and more importantly, bottom-line profit to your business."

David Kennedy
Dealer Principal - Stratstone Birmingham
and Wolverhampton


Nissan testimonial for Jeff Smith

"Jeff has made a strong impression on our dealer network staff in the delivery of training programmes - so, much so, that certain individuals look to specifically attend courses that he delivers - we've never know this before, it's unprecedented!!!

Jeff's inimitable style and delivery has meant that our dealership staff now have a real appetite for our training courses, what more can be said?

Veronica Caspari
Dealer Network Training
Nissan GB

Having attended a 3-part course with Jeff Smith twice in my career at Kia Motors (UK) Limited, I can honestly say the training is "THE" course for any Motor Industry Professional to attend. It covers all of the KPI’s that everyone uses in their day to day business language, and tests everyone’s understanding that they truly understand their relevance and impact on the Dealership. Parts II & III take you further into the mechanics of the Motor Dealership’s Financials, and subsequently exposes you to a whole new world of understanding. I wholly recommend this programme to anyone serious about pursuing a career in the Motor Industry, and who has an aspiration to understand the true workings of a dealership across all the Departments.

Thomas Tollet
Area Manager KIA Motors UK

Service Management
Service Management Top Gun Programme with Jeff Smith

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to say thanks again for a really good two days in December, I was amazed at the improvement in all our abilities on day two. Your unique way of explaining with CLARITY was absorbed by us all without notes just as you said it would on the first day.

The Top Gun programme is by far the best two days training I have had in my career and I would certainly recommend both yourself and your books to anyone in the industry.

Mark Fisher
Service Manager -Jemca Toyota Edgware Road


Lexus Sidcup in London

Lexus Sidcup, London

Having been with a brand such as Lexus for 10 years, I've received a lot of influential training and development. Never though have I attended a training programme as relevant to my job role as the Service Manager's Top Gun Programme I attended with Jeff Smith.

As with most things in life, if you get the foundations wrong, it does not matter how fast you can run if you are running in the wrong direction.

The time I spent with Jeff enabled me to understand KPIs with absolute clarity and as a result enabled me to use KPIs fundamental to the Service department to check and allow focus in particular areas.

I can honestly say that I am better equipped to understand, budget, review and improve my department as a result.

Thank you Jeff.


Christopher McTiffen
Lexus Sidcup Service Manager


I have never met anybody capable to explain the complex world of dealership operations in such a clear, concise and captivating manner as Jeff Smith.

Jeff truly inspires me. I've attended his training programmes, and I've purchased and read all of his books!

Sinisa Andjelic
Manager, Fleet Operations

Chatfields Manchester

Dear Jeff

Having recently attended the Service Managers course which you held for the Chatfields Group, I felt I just had to write to thank you for such an interesting, challenging and informative two days training.

What an eye opener! The workings of a Service department and management accounts explained with such clarity. It has enabled me to dissect and assess ways to improve the working practices and profitability within my own department with a greater understanding.

In my 25 years in the motor trade I have never spent a more worthwhile two days, this training course is a must for all Service Managers.

Again many thanks.

Yours sincerely

Andy Mosley
General Service Manager
Chatfields Manchester

Read the letter sent by Andy Mosley of Chatfields Manchester
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Parts Management
Parts Management Top Gun Programme with Jeff Smith

Dear Jeff,

I would like to thank you very much for the Parts Managers Top Gun Programme I recently took with you.

Having been a Parts Manager for many years, I've been on a fair few training courses in my time, (with BMW and many others) and to be honest, I thought there was nothing more I could learn. How wrong I was!!!

Your course is excellent. It's opened my eyes to new ways and profitable ideas on running my business that without coming on your course, I would of never dreamed of.

I have introduced all that I have learnt from your course and have already seen an improvement in the running and profitability of the department.

I've also learned a great deal about my management accounts and then of course, there's Stock Turn and its true meaning - Why does no one else tells you these things?

I feel you have given me a new breath of life in the department and going forward in these troubled times what I have learnt from you will surely keep me ahead of the competition.

Thanks again,

Mark Davey
Parts Manager - Hartwell Group
Vauxhall and Ford Franchise - Oxford


Akzo Nobel Business School

"When it comes to understanding "the Business end" of a Bodyshop and it's overall profitability, only those who understand it in great depth can make it look truly easy and Jeff Smith is definitely one of those people.

Take a look at The KPI book, each page is simplicity itself. Yet each is a no-frills succinct description of an important route to understanding how business works and where the key levers for increasing profitability exist.

I recommend that you do one of his training courses, as many Akzo Nobel customers have been doing for over ten years, and you will understand 'less is more', less clutter, more learning!

His approach, which is truly focused on commercial gain in the workplace, has now taken a small dedicated number of Akzo customers to ARMS.

Automotive Retail Management Standards being the written proof of their application of Bodyshop Management training in their businesses.

For me personally, it has been a real pleasure to witness his unique style and development of these groundbreakers, as they go from strength to strength, bringing clarity to their businesses and their own aspirations.

So to anyone with any doubts, buy the book, do the training and if you need a reference, ask any of Akzo Nobel's customers who have walked Jeff's clear straight pathway and you will get a resounding 'Yes, just do it!'

I heartily recommend Jeff and his company. If he says that he can help you to deliver your desired results, then he will. I've worked alongside him and seen him in action for many years and it's been a true privilege."

RAB Lee.
Services Manager Akzo Nobel Coatings Ltd UK.

Andrew Mooresmith writes a letter about Jeff Smith books.
Click here to read the original letter for yourself

Dear Jeff,

I am just writing to tell you how much I value your books "How To Make More Profit With Your Service Department" and "The KPI Book" which came highly recommended to me by a Tutor at the Henry Ford College, Loughborough.

Having worked for some thirty years at a family-run main franchise, starting in the Parts Department, I have always had an appreciation for the importance played by Aftersales in our industry. After being on more training courses than I care to remember, the challenge is often to both incorporate& maintain their benefits for the long term.

For this I rely on a definitive written reference and regard your books as my "Bibles" which are used to encourage & direct staff and management toward the more important priorities. The real beauty is that they are written in a way that anyone can understand regardless of experience partly because unlike other books they are specific to our industry rather than adaptations from others.

Put simply, they are the best! I often dip into the publications at random and surprise surprise there is always something new to learn or well worth reminding ourselves about.

Over the- past decade I have been closely involved with both Car Sales and the accounts operation and could perhaps claim to have reached a full & detailed working knowledge of the entire Company! However, I do not believe this could ever be the case and have just ordered your publication"Management Accounts Made Easy" which I am confident will teach me things I don't yet know and improve the things I do.

Kind regards

Andrew Mooresmith
Managing Director - Bourne Road Garage Ltd


All I can say about Jeff and his outstanding training and coaching is: if you haven't contacted him yet, you are already too late!

Knowledgeable, with excellent communication skills and truly interested in improving your business performance, I would recommend Jeff to any business.

Ignacio de Isusi
Country Manager - UK and Ireland at Harley-Davidson Motor Company


Jeff came to my attention through Kia UK training and has since become a regular provider of thought provoking ideas and solutions to all aspects of the motor business. When my staff have attended his training they have all asked for more, so there is the recommendation. If you have not read his books, I strongly urge you to do so."

Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Grant Long
Managing Director,
Norfolk Motor Company


Testimonial for Jeff Smith from Harley Davidson

Dear Jeff

I write to express my sincere thanks for delivering your fantastic development programme to Harley-Davidson UK and its Dealer Principals.

As ever, the delegates ranged from the open minded to the "veterans" who have seen and done it all before. However, the feedback from every single delegate - both internally within Harley- Davidson and from our dealer delegates - was incredibly positive. I am certain that your programme will result in a change in the way we all think about how a business operates and allow us all to focus on the main priorities to change things for the better.

It was a breath of fresh air to experience the way in which your programme is delivered. It never felt like a training course; instead we all seemed to find the answers to complex puzzles from within ourselves. Your insistence on returning to difficult questions until it was burnt into our minds was both frightening and hugely rewarding. One of my colleagues now dreams about Current Ratio!

Our course notes, together with the magnificent KPI Book will stand us all in good stead - particularly in the current economic environment.

It is particularly impressive that you have happily taken calls, answered emails and given advice to any previous delegate even though their programme has now finished. I have benefited personally from your help and remain a true supporter of Insight and Jeff Smith.

I would recommend your development programme without a single reservation to any automotive company that is looking to improve any aspect of its business. I cannot see anybody ever claiming under the terms of your money back guarantee.

Keep up the great work

Yours sincerely

David MacPherson. District Manager, Harley Davidson

David Macpherson
District Manager, Northern UK and Ireland.
Harley Davidson


View the original letter to jeff Smith written by David MacPherson at Harley Davidson

View the original letter written to Jeff Smith
by David MacPherson at Harley Davidson


"Jeff's "Improving Operational Performance" training course is a benchmark for all of my Area Managers when dealing with our Dealer Network. Without these key skills they would not be best placed to advise on industry best practice relevant to an individual dealers situation. Having seen the positive impact on our Field Force, we have worked with Jeff to successfully adapt the course for Dealer Principals, which even the most seasoned of operators have benefited from. The issue here is not ability, it is the understanding of the impact of an every day business decision. "One of the best training courses we have attended" - a quote from both Area Managers and Dealer Principals alike!"

Mark Dickens
Regional Director, Renault UK Ltd

How To Sell More Used Cars
And Make More Profit

"I normally come away from a course with 1 or 2 ideas, but after attending this course I am really excited about getting back to the business because I have 9 very strong ideas/actions to implement.

I've been in the Motor Industry for 15 years and I've been using words and terminology everyday but do not actually have a clue what they mean! I feel that this course has been a 100% success for me in my role.

Dave Allen
Used Stock Manger

Dales Central Motors Ltd

Nissan Logo

Improving Operational Performance
Finland and the Nordic Region

Jeff Smith’s course on Improving Operational Performance helped me to better understand which KPI to focus on.

The measures of performance were explained in a clear way that you can immediately use in a dealership. The experience I gained from this course will certainly add value to my work with dealers.

Bo Mouritzen
After Sales Performance Manager, Nissan, Denmark

Renault UK Field Team
Development Programme

I had the privilege of recently being on the receiving end of Jeff Smith's 6 days IOP training. In 12 years professional experience, I never attended a course as practical, didactic and captivating. The intelligence of it lies in its revealing simplicity. The target is the automotive industry in general and its network of dealerships in particular.

The training provides whoever attends it with a comprehensive and yet pragmatic overview of the operations of a business and the importance of Key Performance Indicators to run it. Whether financial or operational, these KPIs need to be relevant and pertinent enough to help analyse, manage and take appropriate strategic actions to successfully run a dealership.

First you are provided with a down to earth overview of business accounting structure relevant to a dealer. Then you are presented with an unlimited number of Key Performance Indicators all equally linked to the automotive industry. The course actually teaches you which KPI to choose and why before showing you how a dealership can be accurately diagnosed and efficiently driven using financial and operational data.

The material and illustrations used during the training are inspiring, innovative and interactive. But the strength of the programme originates mainly from the man delivering it. Jeff Smith brings with him extensive practical experience gathered at dealer level. Yet it is mainly his quiet composure and witty guidance that make the experience a truly unforgettable one.

An experience which I have most certainly already recommend and will carry on recommending to anybody currently interested and/or working in the automotive industry.

Mathieu Pointeau
Manager, Network Quality
Renault UK

QAA from the Institute of The Motor Industry

Insight training programmes have been externally verified by The IMI and have their QAA seal of approval, here are the words taken directly from their assessment:

"The standard of assessments, feedback and support to candidates
is 1st Class. Jeff Smith's approach and attention to detail
sets the benchmark for the Motor Industry."

Roger Dipple - Lead External Verifier, The IMI.

Mark Bayliss. Aftersales Manager of QAC in Qatar
Mark Bayliss
Qatar Automobiles Company

Dear Jeff,

Firstly I hope you had a pleasant trip back to the UK?

Secondly I would like to thank-you on behalf of the QAC Aftersales Management team for the excellent KPI training course here in Doha.

In my 26 years in the motor trade I have never seen a course have such a positive impact.

On my return to work today I have been greeted by a team of people that would appear to have spent most of their weekend thinking of new ideas and procedures to enhance our business buy using KPIs

My very Kindest regards

Mark Anthony Bayliss
Aftersales Manager

Qatar Automobile Company in Doha

Jeff Smith books get the royal seal of approval
from Sheikh Nawaf N Al-Thani

Read the full article here

Pendragon PLC

Click here to see larger letter from Wayne Edwards

Letter to Jeff Smith from Wayne Edwards, Director of Pendragon PLC

Contact Wayne Edwards by email
National Franchise Director of Pendragon PLC


Dear Jeff,

For me the pleasure of working with you has been very profound. What we all learned is we have a lot to learn still, and we never stop learning new approaches to business and management.

You have stimulated my team enormously.

Best wishes from us all here in Doha.

Paul Maryan
Chief Operations Officer
- Automotive
NBK, Qatar

Contact Paul Maryan by email

See letter from Paul Maryan
Click here to see larger letter from Paul Maryan

A letter to Jeff Smith written by  Paul Maryan - Chief Operations Officer - Automotive, NBKS, Qatar

View letter to Jeff Smith from Paul Maryan in Qatar
Click here to see larger letter from Paul Maryan

Mercedes Benz - NBK Automotive, Doha, Qatar

"There are soft skills generic /classic trainings that energizes ones brain to explain (in general terms) things one can do to POSSIBLY become more effective in some skills and there are the hard core technical training in some specific area or technology to pass a certain knowledge / know how in one or two areas…. As for the training our top management received from you last week; it has delivered a substantial amount of both the SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE ALL AROUND the Automotive Industry which could be applied immediately the following day making one not only identify all the important KPI in the business; but also, the reason behind each resultant KPI.

All our top Management Team enjoyed the experience that summarized the Automotive Business Management in two days and looking forward to the next challenge of part 2. Thank you Jeff for this wonderful experience."

Ayman Khaleel
Human Resources Manager, NBK - Qatar.


Dear Jeff,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all your efforts in assisting me during the course of my Bodyshop Management ARMS assignments. I have developed a skill in report writing that I never thought was possible due to the 'second to none' mentoring that I have received from you.

Your mentoring has nurtured me from a complete novice to an accomplished report writer within the space of my first four reports.

Not only has this enabled me to be in a position to complete the full set of ARMS assignments with top grades, more importantly than that, it has enabled me to apply this skill within our business to highlight and report to others, areas of weakness within all aspects of our business that were impacting on performance and ultimately bottom line profit.

The presentation of these reports has been impacting and the areas highlighted within them that have been addressed have proved to be massively beneficial to our company, enabling it to grow impressively into a successful and well respected regional brand.

Without your assistance I don't believe that any of this would have been achievable.

Chris Hammond
Director - Lovells Auto Body Centres (Peterborough and Spalding)

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Neil Tonks of Inchcape PLC speaks about Jeff Smith

"I cannot overstate the impact of Jeff Smith’s presentation at our recent Inchcape Retail Group Aftersales Managers meeting which was held at The Heritage Centre in Gaydon.

It was wonderfully simple to understand, yet very powerful in its approach in teaching us all how to further improve the profitability from our Aftersales departments.

He also managed to crisply communicate the message in a relaxed way and best of all we had some genuine fun when completing the KPI Quiz that he asked us to do.

There were some hard hitting messages in the presentation and we all concluded that he prepared a presentation that seriously differentiates him from the crowd and will most definitely help us to improve our performance.

I highly recommend Jeff as a Professional Speaker for any conference.”

Neil Tonks
Inchcape Retail Group Aftersales Director

"In today's industry improving operational performance is no longer a luxury - it is a necessary condition for survival. Having been on two of Jeff's courses I would honestly say that they were the most valuable I have ever attended. They are simply a must for anyone either working directly in, or having day to day contact with automotive retailers"

Justin Elias
Regional Director, Renault UK Ltd

"Morning Jeff,

thank you for a very interesting day on Tuesday. I am glad I took the opportunity to attend for the day rather than attempt the online assessment. I have recommended this route to my colleagues who still have to complete the finance module. Your enthusiasm for the subject was refreshing and the course content was instantly relevant to my position (can't wait for end of month accounts now!!)

You appear to be living in the real world not viewing it through rose-tinted spectacles. It was different to have a meaningful assessment rather than an acknowledgment of course attendance. I have made a start to your book and finding it very useful."

Ken Gordon
Aftersales Manager, Chathams Honda

"Many thanks for your e-mail, and I look forward with great anticipation to receiving your newsletters !

I enjoyed the course very much, but did find it very intense. Perhaps 2 days would be better ! A great deal of what we discussed were items that I had no experience of whatsoever, so it was a massive learning curve for me.

If I had known what you showed us years ago, perhaps I might have been a DP by now!

Thanks once again and I look forward to seeing you and speaking with you again."

Brian Kent
Sales Manager, Hepworth Honda Halifax

"Dear Jeff

I must say that I have enjoyed every minute of the two days training, I felt challenged at all times and that pushed me harder. I feel now confident to express and share my opinion with my team more, the KPI’s we have learnt are essential for better managing our business.

I look forward to go on to the second stage of the training."

Ahmed Habib
General Manager, Nasser Bin Khaled and Sons Services

"Hi Jeff,

Just a short line to let you know- Not only have you helped me improve my own business skills, you've also won our company a major training award!"

Kevin Vokes
Bodyshop Manager, The Hammond Group

A letter to Jeff Smith
Click here to
See the whole letter

"Hi Jeff

thank you for a fantastic two days!

Your intention of taking our minds out of the comfort zone for me was an understatement “out of body may be more accurate”, as I explained coming from my background Aftersales many of the Sales calculation models I had no experience in so I am quietly pleased with what I achieved and certainly learnt.

It will benefit all of us here not just me.


Peter Knowles
Dealer Principal, Shepton Mallet Motors, Somerset.

Brian Burns of Renault Trucks speaks abotu Jeff Smith

"Our underlying objective was simple. It was to help dealers get a better return on their investment. We knew that if we achieved this we would secure both their and our own long-term future.

To do this we had to make sure that both the dealers and ourselves fully understood how a dealership should operate as one homogenous unit and not as a collection in individual units competing rather than complimenting each others operations.

Throughout the profit workshops expertly presented by Jeff, many industry and business myths were totally exploded. Agreement was reached as to what K.P.I.s should be measured, why they should be measured and how they should be measured. The outcome was a real understanding of the business issues and the use of a common language that will make our performance standards more meaningful and easier to manage.

The tutelage provided by Jeff is the cornerstone in the future development of our Dealer Principals and Field managers. The KPI Book written by Jeff forms the focal point of all our management development programmes at every level.

Brian Burns
Training Manager, Renault Trucks.

"Good afternoon Jeff,

may I take the opportunity to once again thank you for the best training course I have ever attended.

I will be letting my Director know how much I enjoyed the course and I personally think all leaders in the group will gain a lot from it.

I have come back and I am implementing my plan to use the apprentices as you have suggested, so I will let you know how I get on.

I have still not put down your book, how to make more profit from your service department!"

Warren Eason
Service Team Leader, Pendragon.

"If you are looking for World Class training within the automotive industry then I cannot recommend Jeff Smith highly enough.

I have known him for the best part of 15 years and on many occasions asked him to train my management team to help them understand the correct levers to pull to get the maximum they can from their individual departments and Jeff has delivered on every occasion.

Jeff's style of training is fantastic, his enthusiastic, caring and warm personality encouraged my teams to contribute in the training which produced an environment full of energy and participation, and helped break down any barriers within departments and more importantly for me he will continue to challenge them until he is happy that the message is fully understood.

Each one of my Managers have a copy of the KPI book which they use as a quick and central point of reference and importantly share with their potential successors in their training and development, this is supported by regular KPI challenges from Jeff just to keep you on your toes, how many other world class trainers do that?

Jeff is an exceptionally talented trainer and conference speaker and I would not hesitate to recommend him as he will have a positive influence on the performance of your business.

Thank you Jeff for your excellent service and for providing inspiring material that make a difference."

Mark Sinclair

Mark Sinclair
Group Director


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