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 Advanced Service Manager Masterclass

This is the ONLY Officially Certified masterclass,
with letters after your name, the Gold Lapel Pin, and
Professional recognition for “Accredited Service Manager

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Advanced Service Management Masterclass

Yes! This is the official Fast-Track Masterclass 
for your Bachelor’s, or Master’s in
“Automotive Leadership and Aftersales Business Management”

This Service Manager Masterclass is Running in
Dubai 25 & 26 April, 2024.

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get the Specialist knowledge and tools you need
to deliver the results you want in 2024

This Advanced Masterclass is officially certified, you qualify for the AIBA letters after your name, and you also get the gold lapel pin to demonstrate your professional competence. This is the pinnacle of Service Leadership covering everything there is to know about running a successful Service operation. It’s packed with AI-Powered Performance Drivers to enhance, enrich and accelerate your learning, so you can achieve even more in less time. There’s nothing else like it in the world today. 

This is the most advanced masterclass in the world
in Service Management

Video Duration = 2 minutes 56 seconds

Jeff Smith is running this masterclass so you get to Work with the author himself,
not just someone who’s read one of his books!

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One of the problems with being in management is that some people are thrown in at the deep end. Company reports are not properly explained and they often feel uncomfortable and lack confidence because they don’t understand some of the figures. There’s no one to ask for advice or help, or when they do get advice it’s often confusing. 

Learning on the job by trial and error can take years for someone to reach their full potential and their journey to success takes far too long, it’s painful and it’s costly for the company and the people concerned. Thank goodness, it doesn’t have to be that way. Jeff recognises what happens in the real world and eliminates all of those problems to create a whole new world of clarity, vision and self confidence. He puts you at ease in a comfortable environment while he explains financial information and the most critical key performance indicators in jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands making it easy for you to fast-track your career to the next stage. 

When you’re in possession of the correct tools, the correct KPI and you know how to execute everything in the most effective way, you’ll create a whole new world for yourself where you win more customers, increase sales and make more profit

“More speed in the wrong direction doesn’t help”

The Service Department is filled with an abundance of information and jargon that’s often confusing. You’ve probably met people who throw words into a conversation like “Efficiency“, “Absorption” and “Resorption” without giving much thought to what those terms really mean. At some point in your career, you’ve probably asked for an explanation of a KPI such as Efficiency, Technical Efficiency and Loading Efficiency and you’ve probably got a variety of answers on each one, right? It’s a frustrating subject with a real lack of clarity and true understanding which can often hold back your career.

This Service Manager Masterclass is where Jeff Smith brings everything together in one place and sorts everything out once and for all to ensure you’re in control of your destiny.

You gain pure clarity and a complete understanding of everything to do with the financial reports and every single key performance indicator within the entirety of the Service Department.

You’ll be using The Pyramids of Power and dynamic case studies to reveal exactly that the top achievers are doing so you can apply the best techniques into your business and he leaves no stones unturned; you get everything!

Here’s the basic overview of what you’ll be covering
in this unique masterclass

Revealing the latest discoveries needed for the future success of the Service Department

  • Unlocking the hidden secrets of Absorption – basic and Advanced versions, which one is best AND how to improve it!
  • Understanding Resorption and the power to unite your business strategy
  • Understanding the Sales Retention Index and the key to company profitability
  • Optimising breakeven volume and why it’s so important
  • How to destroy the damaging silos that exist between Sales and Aftersales so you get maximum cooperation 
  • Management Accounts Made Easy – A complete understanding of your financial information and terminology
  • Understanding the financial information of the Service Department
  • How to improve operational performance in the Service Department
  • Understanding all Service department KPI – Which ones to use to guarantee your success
  • Understanding the science behind Benchmarks and Baselines and how to measure yourself properly against them
  • How to accurately measure Service Department operational performance
  • Structuring your Daily Operating Controls (DOC) 
  • How to prioritise your actions to gain the best results in the fastest possible time
  • Explanation of every KPI – The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Understanding the 6 most important KPI that are critical for your success
  • Identifying the KPI to avoid so you prevent yourself from wasting your valuable time and energy 
  • Understanding the relationships between KPI and how they’re linked together in your performance (Very Important)
  • Jeff Smith’s Laws of the Service Department together with the diagrams, Benchmarks and Baselines 
  • Using Service Department case studies to demonstrate and understand how your actions change the financials  
  • How to select the correct KPI to match your specific objectives, your budget and your business plan  
  • Understanding how the “The Top Achievers” achieve their success with consistency
  • How to accurately measure the efficiency of Technicians
  • How to measure the skills of the Service Advisors
  • Understanding and measuring Workshop Loading
  • How do you know when your workshop is full
  • Accurate analysis of the gap between actual and targeted performance and what to do about it
  • How to focus on what matters most to your success
  • How to increase Service Department profitability without destroying customer satisfaction
  • Ensure staff buy-in to your plans and create a culture of continuous performance improvement
  • How to make measurement about transformation, sustainability and retention

We’re using our Global Award-Winning Service Manager Business Simulator 
to optimise operational performance, to simulate your ideas
and even to simulate your own business performance

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of information to cover here and to assist you with some accelerated learning, this Service Manager Masterclass is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies where we give you time to practise what you learn and to discuss what is most relevant to you and how you might put these lessons into practice in your workplace, and it’s your last and final chance of the year

Pay no money now.
simply click on the button below to register your interest by email
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who should attend this service management masterclass?

The programme is designed for people who want to make a real difference, make more profit, and accelerate their career. You’ll gain more confidence on financial information, you’ll gain more confidence on KPI, and you’ll gain more confidence to develop best practice and operational performance improvement in the Service Department.

If you understand most of your KPI and financial information, but maybe have a few doubts about certain terminology or KPI, and you want to learn how to be the master of it all, then this masterclass is for you. 

Bodyshop Management MasterclassThe Power of Networking Should Never Be Underestimated When You’re Here
It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a large franchised dealership or a small independent workshop, you’ll be working with the latest cutting-edge information to develop your business and sharing your best practice ideas with each other.

Jeff is the master of managing a group of people with mixed abilities and objectives so you all learn together without feeling lost or out of your depth. You’ll be meeting and networking with people from other businesses that you wouldn’t normally meet, these encounters are often invaluable, especially over dinner at the end of the day.

You’ll be in a select group of people where you’ll be made very welcome and your every need will be catered for, regardless of your experience. This is a place where you grow and your confidence gets a turbo boost because of the knowledge and clarity you receive. No one will be able to fob you off with poor explanations of how things work or what they means because you’ll be the master of your performance reviews. ​

Is this masterclass challenging?
Oh Yes! This is where you’re going to dig deep, move outside of your comfort zone and squeeze every last drop of juice out of each KPI to ensure you’re well armed for optimising your performance.  Jeff wants you to gain the absolute maximum you can while you’re here and that’s why you get one-to-one support from Jeff whenever you need it. 

This masterclass is highly recommended for:

  • Existing Managers with all levels of experience from beginner to veteran
  • Aspiring Managers who want the right training for a properly structured career path
  • Teams or individuals with performance measurement responsibility of the Service Department
  • People who are part of a strategic planning team who are seeking the best practical ideas for improving performance
  • Budget analysts who need performance information to formulate budgets and evaluation

Will This Masterclass Be In Conflict With Any Other Training I’ve Done?

No, Absolutely not, in fact it will support and strengthen anything you’ve done before.

One of the problems is that not everyone knows that KPI benchmarks and baselines are not random numbers, you can’t just make them up, or pluck them out of thin air, they’re wholly dependent upon science. However, some reports don’t apply this science and because of this, in any given month, you might hit some targets but not others because the connections have not been realised. Also some budgets don’t show the connections between the relevant KPI which means that improving your operational performance and hitting your targets on a consistent basis is never going happen and you’ll be held back. 

Rest assured, you’re receiving the the very latest information and Best Practice solutions to ensure you don’t fall victim to other people’s lack of knowledge and you can work on delivering high levels of success on a consistent basis.

You’ll be the recognised master of your performance reviews and
others will seek your expertise and advice

To combat any misunderstandings and to provide you with absolute clarity, Jeff is revealing the secrets, the science and the evidence behind all KPI benchmarks and baselines so you know how they are created and where the information comes from. Perhaps more importantly, he’ll also show you how certain KPI are linked together and how they are interdependent upon each other to create harmony and synergy in your Service Department so you achieve consistent results on an ongoing basis.

You’ll come away with the knowledge and evidence to question everything in the Service Department to make sure your strategic vision is correct and achievable every single month. You’ll also be armed with sufficient clarity to explain everything to your team so they buy into you strategy and make change happen. Rest assured, nothing is random and your performance improvement is not left to chance. Once you know the embedded secrets behind the most important KPI, the frustration of hitting some targets and not others will be a thing of the past.

The successful Service Manager who makes it to Dealer Principal is
the one who can explain their results with confidence,
clarity and the ability to inspire others

What are the dates?

The programme duration is 2 days.
This masterclass running in Dubai during April/May: Dates are to be released shortly

What is the timing?

We begin at 09:00 and finish around 17:00, or later if you have the energy to continue. Jeff is flexible with timing to facilitate the best possible learning experience so you get the very most out of the Masterclass. 



£ 999* The Amazing Masterclass Experience, With All The Valuable Learnings

You Also Receive A Certificate of Completion To Prove Your Attendance
  • The Full 2-Day Masterclass Covering All Aspects of Finance, KPI, and Operational Performance in The Service Department, With 1-2-1 Assistance Whenever You Need It From Jeff Smith
  • Masterclass Workbook Containing All The Valuable Information Written for Your Easy Future Reference, Together With KPI Performance Drivers, Benchmarks, Baselines and Ideas on How To Improve Operational Performance In Your Service Department
  • A4, Parchment Certificate of Completion with Embossed Red Seal of Authenticity, signed by two IBA Trustees from the Board of Education
  • Digital Photograph of You Being Presented With Your Certificate to Print, or to Share on your Social Media. (Jeff Smith will also comment on your Social Media post to Boost Your Views

Business First Guest

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Yes... You Get Everything From Premium Guest, PLUS You Get All These Extra Benefits...
  • AIBA Letters After Your Name to Enhance Your Status and Your Credibility in Service Management
  • AIBA Lapel Pin to Wear and Display Your Achievements
  • Professional Qualification Certificate With Gold Seal
  • Official Letter of Authenticity
  • A personally signed, Hardback Copy of The KPI Book
  • A3 poster of The Laws of the Service Department to Hang On Your for Office Wall
  • Digital Photograph of You Being Presented With your Award
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£ 399 Upgrade From Business First To VIP Accelerator To Fast-Track Your Progress.

Yes... You Get Everything From Business First Guest, PLUS, You Get All These Extra Benefits...
  • A One-Hour Personal and Confidential Online Mentorship Session With Jeff Smith To Optimise Your Learning After the Masterclass Event To Maximise Business Performance
  • A personally signed copy of Management Accounts Made Easy
  • Printed A3 Photograph of You With Your AIBA Award to Frame and Hang On Your Wall
  • Hi-Resolution Digital Photograph of You With Your AIBA Award to Share on Social Media
  • Digital Photograph of You Being Presented with Your Award and Your Special Lapel Pin To Share on Social Media. (Jeff Smith will also comment to Boost Your Views)

Premium Guest
Premium GuestIncredible learning with an amazing price!

2-day Advanced Masterclass with personal one-to-one assistance with Jeff at your side whenever you need it

Your Advanced Service Management Masterclass workbook

Lunch, refreshments, tea, coffee and water throughout the whole time you’re here 

Your standard A4 Certificate of Completion with our emboss Jeff Smith Red Seal of Authenticity

Photograph with Jeff Smith presenting you with your certificate for you to use on Social Media.


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  • Download Free Sample of the kpi book third editionA personally signed copy of the very latest edition of The KPI Book
  • The “Official Qualification Award” with AIBA letters after your name. Around 2 weeks after the masterclass, you’ll be invited to attend an online quiz  consisting of 20 questions with multiple choice answers. Upon completion, you receive your grade which will be Pass 60%, Merit 70% or Distinction 80%. 
  • “Official AIBA Lapel Pin” to show the letters after your name, your outstanding achievement and qualification status within the International Business Academy. Everyone will want your pin and ask you where you got it from, then you can shine when you explain your Professional Qualification!
  • “Official Certificate with gold emboss Jeff Smith Seal of Authenticity” in recognition of your outstanding achievement in the Service Management Masterclass, Dubai 2023. Please note, this is not the same as the standard attendance certificate, this is a major upgrade, and portrays your worthy recognition printed on beautiful parchment paper, it’s signed by Jeff Smith and the Board of Education at the International Business Academy.
  • Official letter from The International Business Academy, signed by Jeff Smith after the online quiz confirming your grade in formal recognition of your outstanding achievement in the Service Manager Masterclass. Invaluable for including in your CV and work portfolio.
  • Your photograph is added to our “Global Wall of Fame” for Service Manager Masterclass webpage, shared on Social Media.
  • A personally signed copy of The KPI Book

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PLUS… The official letter of authenticity, signed by Jeff Smith to confirm your grade

PLUS… AIBA Letters after your name denoting, Associate International Business Academy

PLUS…The official AIBA Lapel Pin from the International Business Academy to prove your accomplishments
I'm on the journey of Automotive Leadership and Business Management with the International Business Academy
PLUS… An official Qualification Certificate with AIBA letters after your nameAdvanced Service Management Masterclass

PLUS… Photographs with Jeff Smith to share on your Social Media and Jeff will share your picture and achievements with all of his contacts on social media, so you too, get extreme exposure with tens of thousands of people all over the worldElie Salameh AIBA receiving his certification

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PLUS… You photographs are added to our Service Manager “Global Hall of Fame”

PLUS… A personally signed copy of the latest edition of The KPI Book
Download Free Sample of the kpi book third edition

PLUS… The Law of the Service Department Poster… this is a real game changer! It contains the 9 most influential KPI, the illustrations of The Pyramids of Power, together with their benchmarks so you never forget how to implement the biggest profit building strategies that exist. Printed on A3 parchment with gold seal of authenticity and signed by Jeff Smith. It’s the perfect companion for you official qualification certificate. They both look stunning on your office wall.

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Jeff Smith says it's as easy as that with KPIWe take all the risk so you don’t have to.
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed
or your money back!

Quite simply, there’s no other programme like this that offers so much content and value. However, if you’re still not totally convinced this totally unique event provides you with everything you’ll ever need to gain complete mastery of the KPI in the Service Department, then if you don’t like what you see when you’re here, for any reason whatsoever, we’ll give you 100% of your money back; and that’s guaranteed. 

"The standard of delegate assessments, feedback and support to delegates is 1st Class. Jeff Smith's approach and attention to detail sets the benchmark for everyone else in the automotive industry to follow."

Pay no money now.
simply click on the button below to register your interest by email
and Jeff will arrange to contact you

This Service Manager Masterclass is Running in
Dubai 25 & 26 April, 2024.

Please register your interest if you wish to attend and
we’ll keep you updated.