Service Department Profit Optimiser Written By Jeff Smith

Service Department
Profit Optimiser

Written by
Jeff Smith

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Service Department
Profit Optimiser

"Perform What-If analysis on your Management Accounts
and make more profit, more easily and more often!"

Service Department Profit Optimiser Software - Written by Jeff Smith
Instant Download
Suitable for all Service Departments
including Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Boats and Power Equipment

At Last! The software that allows you to quickly and easily see all of the Performance Drivers in your Service Department allowing you to create powerful, accurate and meaningful plans to improve your profitability every month.

You complete the template with your own terminology so that the software looks just like your Management Accounts, you input your figures into the model and then perform What-If scenarios on your own departmental performance.

Develop rich, powerful action plans and make more profit in less time
Accelerate your progress by getting the answers you need, instantly!
Input your ideas without getting involved in the maths; it's all done for you
Total focus on Performance Drivers so you can make change happen rapidly
Very quickly identify the Key Levers for improving your profitability
You can work with any time frame, monthly, quarterly or year-to-date
Match terminology exactly with your own Accounts; no more confusion!
Revise your ideas and your budgets in an instant to get the results you want
Online tips and tricks to help get new profit-building ideas and initiatives
Very easy to install, no technical experience required
All future updates are FREE so you're kept completely up-to-date.
It looks and behaves like an Excel spreadsheet so it's so very simple to use
Gain a much more thorough understanding of your own financial informationMake decisions fast and react to what's happening in the marketplace
Breathe new life into your team meetings by simulating your ideas on screen


Software is very easy to set up and use.Once you have input your figures, you'll be performing highly complex tasks and analysis within minutes.

It's all incredibly easy to achieve because the software does all the hard work for you.

Understanding your Management Accounts and making rich, powerful profit improvement plans has never been so easy.

The software keeps your own Management Accounts visible at all times and then creates another "What-If" column for you to experiment with your statistics.

It's been cleverly programmed so that you can only change things that you can affect at an operational level. It does not make overambitious assumptions that other software packages often do, which means that you can't feed in scenarios that generate crazy results that you can't achieve - it's the most realistic modelling software available.

To take things a step further, you also get Performance Modelling Guidance Sheets to help you to "keep it real" and to build your plans.

When you begin experimenting and making changes, the software automatically calculates the effects of your changes and updates your Key Performance Indicators, profit, expenses and every single area in your Management Accounts. You can instantly see where your changes will take effect, the amount of change you're generating, and it's all so easy.


No more mega-maths trying to balance your figures
and no more feelings of not knowing what to do next.

Avoid frustration and stressImagine the scene: you've spent hours preparing your budget, the maths has done your head in, you finally submit your budget and the boss says "It's no good, I need more".

We've all been there, haven't we? Well, if this scene is familiar to you, you'll know the pain that comes next... You take another look at your budget, drop it down on your desk and think, "What's the point?"

After a minute or two, you get your calculator out and try to recalculate your budget to find the extra profit that your boss has asked for.

Unfortunately, it's not a pleasant process and you experience deeper and deeper feelings of frustration while you ask yourself, "Where is this extra profit going to come from and how am I going to achieve it?"

The process takes hours, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. If you've encountered these kinds of problems, this software is most definitely for you. Fixing these kinds of problems quickly and easily is exactly what this software has been designed to achieve.

But of course, the application is not simply limited to budgeting once a year. The programme has been designed so that you use it every month on your Management Accounts; you can play out your ideas on-screen to see the results before you make any costly mistakes.


Have an idea,
simulate it on screen,
watch your results unfold

Input your figures and watch your results unfold; it's all so easy and it's great fun tooSimply input your Management Accounts into the Service Department Profit Optimiser and start playing.

You can't do any damage to your existing figures, they're safe and all of your changes are tracked on screen for you to see. It's so easy to change your plans and go backwards and forwards until your develop the plan that's right for you. You're happy and your boss is happy!

Once you get started, there'll be no more headaches, stress and frustration because revising your monthly Management Accounts and your year-end Budgets and Business Plans is an absolute breeze; actually, you'll love it because it's great fun!

Service Managers who use this software find it so easy and useful that they use it at least once a month to interpret their Management Accounts to ensure that they stay on track and continue creating success.

It's so easy to use that it's an invaluable tool to use in your meetings to validate new ideas. Just input your ideas into your What-If scenario and watch your results unfold.

Not only will it optimise your profitability, but it will also make your team meetings more dynamic and your communications much smoother. The main benefit is that you complete a template to match your own Management Accounts and terminology which completely eradicates any confusion and you and your team have a much better grasp of your financial information.

It's a superb tool to use for your Management Accounts review meetings, especially if you have a projector so everyone can see your plans as team members are speaking about them.

Take away all the hard work of financial reviews
and be
set free to get on with what you do best...

"Generating ideas to run your department more profitably."


Miscrosoft Excel must be installed
System Requirements
The software uses Microsoft Excel as the host environment, which means that you must have Excel installed on your computer in order to use it. It is compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista and is compatible with all versions of Excel, including office 2007.

This software is not an Excel spreadsheet, but it looks and behaves exactly like one so you will up and running in the fastest possible time. Once you've downloaded the software, setting up really couldn't be any easier!


Service Department KPI
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