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How do successful people become successful and
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Jeff Smith is a multiple award-winning Keynote Speaker, International Business Trainer, Best-Selling Author and he runs this podcast for The Jeff Smith Foundation to help others who are less fortunate that ourselves. On this show, Jeff talks with people from all walks of life to uncover success stories from all over the world. He talks with the people involved at the sharp end, he asks them how they overcame their toughest challenges and he digs deep to uncover their strategies and shares their inner-most secrets with you.
Secrets of Success podcast hosted by Jeff Smith

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Season  6, Episode 1
Tom Clancy – Act of Defiance

Jeff Smith talks with Jeffrey Wilson
One of the duo in the new author partnership (Andrews and Wilson)
taking over the Tom Clancy Legacy

Tom Clancy - Act of Defiance with new authors, Brian Andrews and Jeffrey WilsonJeffrey Wilson
“In all sincerity, this interview with Jeff Smith is one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever had”

Episode Release Date 21 May 2024

Tom Clancy died in 2013, but his legacy is continuing with the permission of his family estate with the new authors, Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson.

On 21 May, 2024, now 40 years after the release of Red October, we see the launch of the new Tom Clancy novel, Act of Defiance, written by Andrews and Wilson.

Brian Andrews is an Ex-Submariner and Jeffrey Wilson is a Ex-Navy SEAL Medic. Their joint experience packs an amazing punch in their many novels, including the continuation of the Tom Clancy legacy.

Brian Andrews and Jeffrey WIlson, new authors of the Tom Clancy legacyIn this episode, Jeff Smith is talking with Jeff Wilson, (the guy on the right) about how he and Brian Andrews (the guy on the left) work together as joint authors to write best-selling books such as the amazing series, Tier 1, and Sons of Valour, and now Act of Defiance in the Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan Series.. There’s no holds barred, they talk about how they write, the money they make, books, audiobooks and eBook strategies.

Navy veteran and Wall Street Journal and bestselling thriller author Jeffrey Wilson is a vascular surgeon who was completing his training when terrorists attacked America on 9/11. Already having served, Jeff immediately rejoined the active duty Navy and served as a combat surgeon with the Marines and then with an East Coast–based SEAL team and a Joint Special Operations Task Force, making multiple deployments. His experiences there — seeing things that cannot be unseen — sent him on his own journey exploring, and at times questioning, his faith, and are the inspiration for this novel. Jeff has also worked as an actor, a firefighter, a paramedic, a jet pilot and a diving instructor.

Oh, I almost forgot… YES! Brian Andrews will soon be on the show too talking about life as a real-life Submarine Officer, and why he couldn’t resist taking on the mission of writing this novel, 40 years after the release of Red October.


Season 6, Episode 2
Female Jet-Fighter Pilot Tells All

Jeff Smith Talks With Mandy Hickson,
The 2nd Female RAF Jet-Fighter Pilot.
This is the true story of how she did it against all the odds

Female jet-fighter pilot, Mandy hickson tells all in free podcast with Jeff Smith“Jeff Smith is a wonderful interviewer, he got me talking about RAF missions, dropping bombs on live targets,
and leadership under extreme pressure. He was born to do this”.

Episode Release Date Thursday 22 May, 2024

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Mandy Hickson, a remarkable individual who has blazed trails and achieved extraordinary success in both the military and business worlds. As the 2nd female fighter pilot in the history of the Royal Air Force (RAF), Mandy’s story is one of courage, resilience, and unwavering determination.

During her time in the RAF, Mandy faced numerous challenges and overcame them with her exceptional skill, expertise, and the indomitable spirit that defines fighter pilots. Her journey was marked by breakthrough moments and the relentless pursuit of excellence, as she soared through the skies piloting powerful fighter jets.

Having transitioned from the cockpit to the corporate world, Mandy’s leadership skills and unique experiences have proven invaluable in her role as a business leader. She has seamlessly translated the principles she honed as a fighter pilot into her approach to leadership, driving teams towards success and fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and resilience.

Mandy’s captivating story is an inspiration to aspiring aviators, young women seeking to break barriers, and individuals striving for personal and professional growth. With her remarkable insights, she shares the lessons learned from high-pressure situations, the importance of teamwork, decision-making strategies, and the ability to adapt to change.

Today, we delve into Mandy Hickson’s incredible journey, exploring her experiences as the 2nd female fighter pilot in the RAF, the exhilaration of flying powerful jets, and how her unique career path has transcended into exceptional leadership in the business world. We also discuss her best-selling book “An Officer, Not A Gentleman” Please stay with us as we gain invaluable insights from this trailblazer, role model, and true exemplar of courage and leadership.”


Season 5, Episode 3
The Champion Mindset, and the No Quite Mentality

Jeff Smith Talks With logan Lessar
What it takes to lose in Motocross, then get up an win, and
all at the age of just 17

Episode Release Date Friday 23 May 2024

Logan Lessar and why you should not quit

“Oh WOW! I’ve been on so many podcasts that I thought I heard it all, but Jeff Smith took me to a whole new level He asked me some amazing questions that other people simply miss. His knowledge of success and what it takes to achieve it is second to none,
Logan Lessar

Episode Release Date Friday 24 May 2024

Logan Lessar always wanted to do something big with his life. He didn’t want to go the normal rout of getting a job and being held down in the same place, he wanted freedom.

He started his first business at age 15, he travelled to South Africa alone at age 17, and he did that to work with his business partner with whom he met online. He continued to complete his traditional schooling and achieved straight A’s.

Logan is an adventure seeker who loves racing motocross, skiing, snowboarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, traveling the world and overall doing anything that will push his limits to force him to face his fears. 

Now at the grand old age of 19, he lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and today we’re going to explore the “Champion mindset”. We’re going to find out about his “No Quit” mentality, what it takes to fail at motocross, and then go on to win!


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