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Secrets of Success podcast hosted by Jeff Smith

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As you already know, Secrets of Success is a podcast that focusses on people who have achieved something in their lives and you’ve been invited to talk about your success story, your mindset and what you did to achieve your success.

Success, what does it mean to youWhat’s your success story? Have you written a book, have you overcome a life-threatening ordeal, have you won a gold medal, have you gone from rags to riches, have you built a class-leading business in a fiercely competitive arena, have you become famous for doing something, are you the inventor of an innovation that changes lives, have you risen to the top of your industry, what is it that you’ve achieved that you can share your secrets of success with others so they can learn from your experiences. 

When you come onto the show, Jeff will be asking you about your success story, what motivated you to go in that direction, what challenges did you have to overcome, what kept you going in your darkest moments and he’ll ask you a number of questions to find out the tools you used to keep you focussed and on track. He’ll also ask you…”What does success mean to you”

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ONE: We need a compelling title that will attract listeners to your podcast. LIsteners are attracted to the show to hear success stories and how they were achieved so please try to include your success story in the title of your episode; it makes a huge difference. 

TWO: We need you to write your introduction so that Jeff can read it out at the beginning of the show. This is not a time to be humble, nor to hold back. This too will make a BIG difference to whether people continue to listen to your show, or just move to a different episode. 

THREE: We need you to send us a high resolution image. Once again, give this some serious thought. It can be a headshot if you’re well-known or famous, but if you’ve written a book, or you have a special product, consider including it because this will be the covershot for your episode. Again, it’s super important because it will attract people to your show. 

FOUR: We need your bio so that Jeff has a good insight into who you are, what you have achieved so that he can dig deep and get to the questions that matter most. 

FIVE: Do you have any questions that you would like Jeff to ask you in your episode?

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