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Secrets of Success

Hosted by Jeff Smith


We’re so honoured and privileged that you have requested to be on the show, Jeff and the Team want to do everything possible to ensure that you’re shown in the best possible light if we agree to go ahead with your show, so please read the brief below.

Secrets of Success podcast hosted by Jeff Smith

About The Show
This is a weekly podcast, pre-recorded via Zoom. We record audio at the highest standard in our studio and also record audio and video in HD via Zoom. Video is not being released this this stage, but will be at a later date. Episodes are typically 60-90 minutes. This discovery chat is to find out if we’re a good fit for each other and for you to give the outline details of your success story. 

Podcast guest on Secrets of SuccessI’m Looking For
Secrets of Success is a podcast that focusses on how successful people become successful. I’m looking for people who have achieved something in their lives, and success means different things to different people, not necessarily to be rewarded in money. Have you written a book, have you overcome a life-threatening ordeal, have you won a gold medal, have you gone from rags to riches, have you built a class-leading business in a fiercely competitive arena, have you become famous for doing something, are you the inventor of an innovation that changes lives, have you risen to the top of your industry, what is it that you’ve achieved that you can share your secrets of success with others so they can learn from your experiences. 

  • What’s your success story?
  • What’s your backstory that made it all happen?

I’m looking for new and interesting perspectives, experiences, and stories which we can share, from which we can draw inspiration, and which encourages us all to consider how differently our own life can turn out.

Promoting Your Stuff
I get it – most of us are in this to make a living, so of course, we do need to promote our wares from time to time. That’s all cool – in the show I will always ask how people can get in touch with you, and you can share your information and how people can contact you. 

Promoting Your Episode
If we do record an episode together, I ask that you help to promote it far and wide.
I will, of course, promote it across all my socials, but look at it as a joint venture – the more we both promote, the better for us both. I’ll give you the links, a teaser video and some images to help.

Still Interested In Being A Guest?
Great! If you think you have an interesting angle or story or experience to share, which fits in with the above, then please arrange a discovery chat with me on the schedule below and let’s chat. You’ll have a far better chance if you give me your specific pitch – go for it! Tell me what you feel we could discuss on this show, what you feel people will get from it, and why my audience would want to hear it. 
I look forward to hearing from you.