Jeff Smith is introduced on stage in Dubai, February 2022 to address an audience within the vehicle repair industry, including insurance companies, paint companies and motor manufacturers. His expertise on KPI and business strategy is far-reaching as the evidence here of such a wide spread audience.

In this 8-minute snippet, Jeff talks about the 3 important factors for success in business growth

30 Second Demo

In this short video, Jeff is delivering a final message for an audience of 750 people after a 2-hour keynote presentation on the subject of embracing change and using the correct KPI to reach your goals and objectives. In this excerpt, he receives a standing ovation, but then asks the audience to pause as he delivers his final powerful message: We live in a world where where everything is measured, take care to measure the right things in the right way. It serves as the perfect reminder and reinforcement for the information he’s given over the 2-hour keynote presentation.


we live in a world where everything is being measured
take care to measure the right things
in the right way

Created specifically for conference event managers

3 Minutes 35 Seconds

JEFF SMITH, affectionately known as “The KPI Guy” is a motivational speaker on advanced leadership using KPI for the most powerful Business Strategy. His keynote presentations on key performance indicators are very powerful, unique and he also expresses how critically important it is to work closely with the Event Manager, before, during and after the event to ensure a truly spectacular experience. 

No blue sky thinking, just outstanding practical solutions
that work in the real world

Staging an event is a huge responsibility and choosing the right keynote speaker that fits with your audience is a critical part of the process. As a motivational keynote speaker on advanced Leadership using key performance indicators, JEFF SMITH says “If you want maximum audience engagement, the 2 most important factors are Relevance and Credibility.” This is because the more relevant the content, the more engaged your audience will be. And the more credibility the speaker has, the more believable the message will be.

JEFF SMITH is on record as the most successful author in history on the subject of KPI and Business Strategy and he uses his skills to give outstanding keynote presentations on how leaders in business can use this powerful information to develop their business strategy and provide the leadership that people look up to. As the author of The KPI Book he says, “It’s important to understand exactly how Sales, Profit and Customer Satisfaction are linked and the danger of not knowing this is that you could be unknowingly destroying you company with a strategy that’s pulling in different directions, fragmenting your team and causing unnecessary conflict.” JEFF SMITH provides you with the evidence using his unique system called “The Pyramids of Power” which energises the audience and causes them to take action. In a world where everything is being measured, take care to measure the right things in the right way. 

JEFF SMITH takes questions from the audience
Live on stage

Duration 1 minute 37 seconds

Do KPI Measure People?
his answers might surprise you 

Working as part of the team is essential
to the success of an event

JEFF integrates as part of the team,
Before The Event,
During The Event
And After The Event

to make sure everything works perfectly and all goes exactly to plan.

He Works with the Event Crew and  Event Sponsors
to ensure everyone receives more than they expected


5 Minutes, 59 seconds

This short video is cut down to 6 minutes from the original 2-hour keynote presentation by Jeff Smith which took place in Italy at the end of 2019 with an audience of more than 750 people. The keynote speech was about embracing change, key performance indicators (KPI) and business strategy looking at business growth and performance development in difficult times.

JEFF SMITH talks about paradigm shifts and the importance of embracing change in the business environment. He explains his unique invention called “The Pyramids of Power” to demonstrate which KPI to use, the relationship between them and how to use them to get the best results in the fastest possible time. The video shows Jeff Smith being introduced on stage by IBIS Moderator, Robert Snook. This is the session after lunch often called “The graveyard shift” because people have had lunch and they’re feeling a little drowsy. Just watch how he energises them and gets them receptive for the information to follow.

JEFF engages the audience  within a few minutes, gets them onto their feet and fully engaged. Continuing for a further 2 hours, Jeff uses many techniques to maintain engagement with the audience and at the end, He receives a standing ovation from a very appreciative audience who took away some really valuable information which can be implemented today.

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