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Discover How The Top Achievers Structure Their Management Accounts So That You Too Can
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Management Accounts Made Easy, written by Jeff Smith

If you're really serious about your company survival in the current climate, you can't afford to miss out on the little-known trade secrets contained in this ground-breaking new book.

It's an absolute must for every Manager and Accountant in the Automotive Industry and if you think about it... where else are you going to get this invaluable information to supercharge your profits and cash flow? It doesn't exist anywhere else, it's the only one of its kind.

This indispensable business bible is written so everyone can understand it, right from the newly promoted Departmental Manager to the seasoned veteran. It removes all confusion, enhances clarity giving you the information you need to improve your knowledge and accelerate your business performance in many different areas.

Beginning from the ground floor and working up, it travels all the way through the Management Accounts of the Motor Industry looking at every single aspect of your business so you get the answers you want, at exactly the time you want them.


email sent in by Andrew Mooresmith

Dear Jeff,

This new book is superb although I only wish I had had the benefit of this 20 or 30 years ago.

Yes, there is a lot in there of course I know to various degrees, I've been doing composites and preparing presentations for Management Meetings since at least 1990, but to a large extent I had to find my own way.

I remember at thinking at the time, "If only I had a book that explained this stuff" including what was then the mystery of all mysteries - The Balance Sheet!

I can't remember ever going on a specific course to be taught those fundamentals.

It was as if one was either expected to just "know" or you were made to feel as though it was "out of bounds" and one shouldn't be dabbling with it.

Even at Trevor Jones Profit Clinics (back in the early '90's) we mostly compared the bottom line's but as for the rest.. oh no, hands-off, that was for the accountant's eyes only.

So when I finally "made it to the top" , a decade or so back, I had to re-emerse myself in some very difficult accounting manuals, which never seemed to talk about Motor Cars and weird things like VAT Margins. Still it was an enjoyable challenge.

I don't know how to achieve it, but your books should be compulsory purchase for all serious Motor Busineses as far as I'm concerned.

Kind regards

Andrew Mooresmith
Managing Director - Bourne Road Garages Ltd, Kent


Buy Managment Accounts Made Easy by Jeff Smith


Like a lot of under pressure managers, coming across a book with a title 'How to make more profit from your service department' was too good to let pass and purchased it straight away. Whilst reading the book I noted it referenced another title 'The KPI book' and I felt I had to have it if I was to complete the understanding and make the changes in direction I would need to make a 'Profit'.

It soon came to pass though, that although the books were indeed excellent in their quality of information I was still missing something, I was just not being able to make it all flow in my mind and to put into operation, and that's when I decided to purchase the 'Management Accounts Made easy'. I barely got half way through when I realised that I had been trying to 'build a house on sand', it was clear that I thought I knew what I was doing but in truth I lacked the fundamentals in which to build the 1st two books on. I feel that if I had got the 'Accounts' book first and had the basics in place I could have then come to the other books to grow what I had learnt.

All in all I am extremely pleased I have all 3 books, if I was to suggest that the 'Accounts' book could be the 1st one to read I suspect a lot of managers could get results quickly, then polish off with the other two.

Further important notes to me: You do not have to be in the motor trade to make good use from these books, I will be adapting them to my needs, and really important part is that you do not need to be an accountant to understand them!

Many thanks Jeff for helping to improve my understanding of how to improve my results.

Kind regards

Malcolm Burnage
Crown Paints


Management Accounts Made Easy consists of
3 separate sections so that you can
get what you want, FAST!

Part 1 - The Principles of Management Accounts
This first section is written for you if you're a new or aspiring departmental Manager who requires an introduction to Management Accounts and you want to know the best method of interpreting them to understand what's going on in your business and how you can improve your profitability quickly.

It explains very clearly the different terminology in use for profit and expenses including the terms: Variable, Semi-Fixed, Direct, Indirect, Overheads, Direct Profit, Net Profit Before Interest and Net Profit leaving you with the feelings of total confidence and satisfaction.

Then, after a few minutes you'll be moving on to discover the best and most productive way how to read and interpret a set of Management Accounts so you're not influenced or subjected to emotional forces clouding your judgement. You'll discover an easy-to-use technique that leaves your mind free and clear ensuring you get the very best out of the resources available to you.

And here's the best part... You'll be deeply immersed in the accelerated learning technique for Management Accounts called "The magic 5-step strategy" making everything so easy and effortless to understand. It puts everything into perspective for you and it's very effective to easily interpret any set of Management Accounts in the Motor Industry.

In the past, if you've ever found yourself sitting back in your chair wondering if you have the very best strategy for interpreting your Management Accounts, or thinking to yourself, "am I really getting the maximum out of my accounts and identifying all the areas for improvement?" then, let there be no more doubt in your mind... this book has all the answers ready and waiting.

Buy Managment Accounts Made Easy by Jeff Smith

There's only one thing worse
than working with no information...
And that's working with the wrong information!


Part 2 - Understanding the Departments
This section is written for you if you are a well established Manager or Accountant who has an excellent understanding of Management Accounts and you're a highly motivated person who wants to squeeze every last ounce of profit out of your organisation in every single way that you can.

Hard work is over rated!
When will people realise there's a right way to do it and there's a wrong way to do it - and the right way works every time! You can be highly motivated, work harder for longer, but if you're heading in the wrong direction you'll be taking your business backwards. Let the book show you where all the holes are needing to be urgently plugged in your company to prevent profit leaking straight out of your doors - Working smarter in the right direction can save you an absolute fortune.

This is the part containing the little-known trade secrets about how to structure your Management Accounts to accelerate your profitability. It bridges the gap between financial awareness and commercial awareness by providing guidance for Accountants to code the Nominal Ledger with clear and objective reasoning to make operational performance highly visible for the Manager so everyone can see what's working and perhaps more importantly, what isn't working!

From that point on it provides clear guidance for Managers to interpret each of the departments including Sales (both new and used), Service, Parts and the Bodyshop. You'll discover how to compare each department on a like-for-like basis with other high achieving companies enabling you to identify strengths and weaknesses which are to be grasped with both hands.

It provides you with all the areas of best practice taken from the top achievers and compares them with the silly and naive and impotent mistakes even the huge companies fail to see which are costing them a fortune everyday!

Do you often see these silly, naive and impotent mistakes stunting the growth of companies and causing profit to leak out of their doors? If you don't, this book will really open your eyes.

Without the right information, anyone can be
an over-motivated under-achiever.


Buy Managment Accounts Made Easy by Jeff Smith

Part 3 - Understanding Business Strategy
Your business won't go bust if it runs out of profit, it will go bust if it runs out of cash - and there's a big difference between the two! This section is essential reading if you want to succeed and have a long-term future in the Motor Industry.

It's written as an introduction to the Balance Sheet and explains Working Capital and how much you require to run your business. It also goes into detail about how to control your Cash Flow and explains how to fund your company correctly so it doesn't go bust in turbulent times.

You can't hope to run a business properly without this information and it's written in layman's language so that it's very easy to read and not full of figures and statistics that you might expect. The whole book is written in plain English for everyone to understand.


After reading this book, here's what
Professor Garel Rhys CBE has to say about it...

"This book is the manual for
company survival"

Professor Garel Rhys CBE recommends  Jeff Smith books - the manual for company survival

Professor D Garel Rhys CBE
Director, Centre for Automotive Industry Research
Cardiff University Business School.


Review by Professor D Garel Rhys CBE

Review of Management Accounts Made Easy by Professor Garel Rhys CBE"In the retail vehicle sector every department from sales through service, parts, repair and bodyshop must be profitable in their own right. This means cost and revenue information must be available otherwise the catastrophe of cross subsidisation will be the result.

The business world is not static but is dynamic in the extreme and no more so than today. In short the successful firm enjoys economies of scale, superb cost structures but which is flexible and responsive to change. The tools needed to do this are the ones highlighted in this compelling and superb book which is at the same time rigorous and easy to comprehend - no mean feat.

If a company is not at one with itself how can it compete? An essential characteristic to achieve this is that accountants and managers must communicate with each other and understand what is being said to the common good. This is teamwork of the highest order, and teamwork which replaces fiefdoms, empires and chimney stacks is the bedrock for a modern successful enterprise.

Jeff Smith's Management Accounts made Easy is therefore far more than that, this book is a manual for company survival".


Professor D Garel Rhys CBE

Director, Centre for Automotive Industry Research
Cardiff University Business School.



It's the manual for company survival in the current climate,
showing you the easy way to interpret your business
make more profit, more easily and more often.


Management Accounts Made Easy is suitable for all businesses in the Motor Industry!Is this book suitable for my business?
YES! It's perfectly suited for the small independent business owner with a single workshop or used vehicle operation, right up to a major franchise with a fully fledged dealer network consisting of major groups and public limited companies; no financial stones are left unturned, it's specifically written for all businesses within the Motor Industry.

Buy Managment Accounts Made Easy by Jeff Smith

Don't just take our word for it,
here's what other people in the Motor Industry
are saying about this remarkable new book...


Review by Steve McMahon

Dear Jeff,

please don't take offence, but given the subject matter, I thought that you had made a huge mistake by writing this book because the subject is dull and boring!!!

However, I did bite the bullet and buy a copy and I have to say you have done a magnificent job! You have managed to write about this subject in a way that is actually very interesting... dare I say the book is even a page turner, once I started, I couldn't put it down!!!

After 24 hours of receiving this book, I learned a lot about accounts and because of that I've learned a lot about my business too - you make everything so easy to understand. So well done mate, your skill is unique, keep on writing!!!

Steve McMahon


Review by Grant Long

Dear Jeff,

I once worked for Trevor Jones and ASE, so I do know how many dealers do not either know this basic information, or how many would not know where to find it, let alone use it, just like most do not use Composite or IFC to their advantage.

Like all your books, this one is straight to the point, it cuts out the gobbledy gook and for anyone who wants instant reference and factual material, this is another book for them, it should be mandatory reading for all dealer management.

Thanks for writing it and keep the books coming

Kindest regards,

Grant Long - Managing Director
Norfolk Motor Group

Buy Managment Accounts Made Easy by Jeff Smith


It's the perfect tool to accelerate your career development
and to stimulate the growth of your company


this information is not available anywhere else!


As businesses continue break-dancing into bankruptcy,
here's something for your protection...


management accounts made easy personal guarantee by Jeff Smith


"The price of education is paid just once,
the price of ignorance continues to be paid forever!"

The total price is £47 which includes postage and packing in mainland UK- that's less than the cost of a tank of fuel! You might want to consider this the next time you're standing at the fuel pump.

What about the quality?
The book is constructed of the very best materials so it stands the test of time and the pages won't fade to an ugly yellow colour after a few months; you can feel the quality oozing out of this book when you hold it. It also looks good because it's beautifully bound in a special hard back cover with gold foil lettering and it's coated with a protective lacquer to maintain it's prestige appearance for many years to come.

Yes Please! I'd like to improve my profitability so please send me a beautifully-bound, prestige hardback copy of Management Accounts Made Easy so that I can get on with making more profit, more easily and more often.

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this groundbreaking book:


RAB Lee gives a bodyshop review
for Management Accounts Made Easy

"We now have a cure for Accounts Embarrassment Syndrome. Jeff's little red book is clear, defined and very easy to understand. I recommend you buy a copy and banish AES for good!

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David Carter Reviews
Management Accounts Made Easy

"Jeff's latest book, reinforces the need for managers to get to grips with this vital aspect of their job. It allows management teams and their accountants, the ability to communicate better with each other. It gets right to the heart of financial issues quickly and effectively with an ease that is missing from all other industry publications."

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Review by Nick Tame

Nick Tame - Dealer Development and Franchise Manager, Renault UK LtdDear Jeff,

Thank your for the new book Management Accounts Made Easy. You have helped us to find 'hen's teeth' with so much information in one place. There is so much in this book to help focus our teams on real performance and the key process that we need to focus on to push all our businesses forwards. You have covered everything that most managers should accumulate in 30 years of experience (but often never do).

This book is essential for our experienced team members to formalise what they have learned and it will provide an invaluable training tool for our less experienced members.

Nick Tame - Renault UK Ltd
Dealer Development and Franchising Manager


Review by Frank Lord

Frank Lord, Managing Director of LCADear Jeff,

You are to be congratulated on writing a book that anyone reading will almost certainly identify with personally. I would challenge anyone who didn’t come away motivated with a greater understanding of how they could achieve much more, from the seasoned professional to those early on in their career!

Whatever your starting position,there is easily enough in this book to help a failing or struggling manager or business become stronger, a strong business to become great, and a great business to become magnificent!

Jeff, the timing could not have been more appropriate, you have truly given our industry a legacy with your book , it is a must for improving the fortune of everyone in it!

With my very best wishes
Frank Lord Signature

Frank Lord - Director, LCA



Management Accounts Made Easy by Jeff Smith


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