Introducing JEFF SMITH

To enable Jeff to both reinforce and strengthen the messages that are critical to your event, it is important that you recap on these major issues when making your introduction. Therefore we have taken the opportunity to provide you with some suggestions which you can adapt to suit your own event.


Many people talk about success, but our speaker today has achieved success at the highest level.

He’s affectionately known across the world as “The KPI Guy”. He’s called The KPI Guy because he’s written 7 international #1 best-sellers and he’s officially on record as “The most successful author of all time” on the subject of KPI and Business Strategy. 

His client list includes nothing less than Royalty, a string of the Fortune 100 companies and their top senior executives. His TV credits include SKY TV, Dubai One and many more.

We’ve talked about… (e.g. passion, improving performance in the workplace and commitment) ladies and gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to someone who knows what it’s like to achieve success for himself, but more importantly, he knows how to lift us all to reach higher levels of success for ourselves. Please give a very warm welcome to The KPI Guy… 

Mr Jeff Smith 

Jeff Smith is introduced on stage in Dubai, February 2022
to address an audience within the vehicle repair industry, including insurance companies, paint companies and motor manufacturers. His expertise on KPI and business strategy is far-reaching as the evidence here of such a wide spread audience.  

Here’s an example by Dave Crane at the world Trade Centre in Dubai.
This one was for a keynote presentation about using KPI and The Formula for Success

Another example of an introduction from an Executive Event Organiser following this short testimonial


An example of an introduction by Robert Snook at the IBIS Global Summit in Italy.