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Professional Qualifications
Specifically for the automotive industry

Learn The Latest And Most Powerful Information For Your Job Role And
Gain The Recognition, The Respect And The Rewards You Truly Deserve 

There are many reasons for gaining Professional Qualifications which are specific to you job role,
here are just a few, and we’re sure you can think of many, many more…

Yes Improve Operational Performance In Your Business
Yes Enhance Company Sustainability, Profitability, And Retention
Yes Secure Your Future And Accelerate Your Career Much Faster Than Before
Yes Gain Many Competitive Advantages In The Areas Where You Need Them Most

gain the competitive advantage with the International Business Academy


It doesn’t matter whether you work in a franchised dealership, an independent business, or an OEM, the specialist knowledge, and core skills required are the same throughout the world.

The Professional Qualifications we provide are for specific to Automotive Industry, and the job roles we focus upon are:

Yes Sales Manager
Yes Service Manager
Yes Parts Manager
Yes  BodyshopManager
Yes Aftersales Manager
Yes  General Manager
Yes Dealer Principal
Yes Owner & Director

Each job role has its own learning modules and qualifications, which contain the relevant masterclasses, together with case studies and assignments specific to the job role. Every delegate goes through a learning journey beginning with Associate to

Foundation, then to Diploma, and then onto Master.

You are awarded letters after your name at each qualification level which signifies where you are on your learning journey with the International Business Academy (IBA). Here are the examples:


Associate International Business Academy


Foundation International Business Academy


The 4 letters after your name to denote your qualification status are consistent through each person’s learning journey, that is to say that the 4 letters are the same for each job role. This is so that you know where you are on your learning journey, and where other delegates are on their learning journeys, no matter what their job role. This means you will follow the path of Associate, Foundation, Diploma and Master within the

International Business Academy: AIBA, FIBA, DIBA and MIBA.

The qualification materials and official certification provide the full information of exactly what qualifications you have achieved in your specific job role. The qualification naming convention is therefore as follows: “(Qualification) in (Your job role)”. For instance, if you are taking the Aftersales Leadership journey, then your qualification journey reads as follows:

Associate In Aftersales Leadership

Foundation in Aftersales Leadership Diploma in Aftersales Leadership

Master in Aftersales Leadership

The letters used after your name denote where you are on your journey through your qualification with the International Business Academy, ie AIBA FIBA, DIBA and MIBA, and your certification documentation confirm the job role in which you have qualified. For example: “Foundation in Bodyshop Leadership”, “Diploma in Sales Leadership” and

“Master in Service Leadership”.

Obtain a Master’s in your job role and gain
operational mastery of your business, and accelerate your career