How To Make More Profit
With Your Service Department


How to make more profit with your service department by Jeff Smith
“The ultimate guide to understanding and
improving your operational efficiencies”

ISBN: 978-0-9540259-1-5


If You Like Taking Action And Enjoy Making Profit,
These Best Practice Ideas Are For You.

All the very best profit-building techniques have been harnessed from the best Service Departments around the world and put into a format which is easy to understand and implement into your own business today.

Get straight onto the fast-track… by using the ideas that have been tried and tested by other people and have been proven to work in the real world.

Whether you’re new to your position or well established in the field of Service Management you will find something here to lift your business up to the next level. It really is the ultimate guide to understanding and improving your operational efficiencies.

Never before has such an in-depth study of the operational performance of the Service Department been conducted. It’s a no-holds-barred, beginning-to-end dissection of your operational efficiencies jam packed with information on how to sell more hours and boost your profits by showing you tried and tested methods that really work.

The knowledge you need to understand the Service Department has been very difficult to obtain, the general rule is to learn your trade as you are doing the job and it takes many years to perfect and hundreds of costly mistakes are made along the way.

Now there’s a short-cut to this trial and error method of working because whether you are an experienced Service Manager, Dealer Principal or Managing Director, this book tells you what you need to know in the order you need to know it and gives you instant results.


“Jeff Smith has written a practical, easily navigable book to assist everyone with responsibilities for Service Department Profitability. I’ve read it cover-to-cover and I recommend that you use it, it will help in all areas of your understanding of the Service Department.”

Sarah Sillars OBE
Chief Executive – The Institute of the Motor Industry

The Foreword for this book is written by Nick Fry, CEO, Honda Racing F1 Team. In his write-up he provides you with some valuable guidance and insights into business development from his own perspective after 25 years of Automotive Industry experience working with The Ford Motor Company, Aston Martin, building dealer networks, providing technical assistance to Service Departments. And of course he was the CEO responsible for running the Formula 1 Honda Racing Team from 2005 to 2009, then CEO of Brawn Formula 1 taking Jensen Button to world champion and then CEO of the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 team.


“Jeff Smith has done a fantastic job of capturing Service Department strategy and best practise in this book; it contains everything you need to achieve greater success. All the ideas are here in black and white; I urge you to read them, get excited by them, decide which ideas are right for you and then get busy, set your goals and take action!”

Nick Fry
Chief Executive Officer – F1 Honda Racing Team

This Book Is Made Up Of 3 Separate Parts
So You Get Straight To The Information You Want…

You get the in-depth understanding of your operational efficiencies from Parts 1 and 3, and the main focus of the book is concentrated on Part 2; this section contains more than 150 tried-and-tested ideas and practical solutions to apply to your business today and begin boosting your profits immediately.


Part 1 – Gaining Clarity
Chapter 1 – Understanding Your Utilisation
Chapter 2 – Understanding Your Productivity
Chapter 3 – Understanding Your Overall Efficiency
Chapter 4 – The Law of The Service Department


Part 2 -Best Practice Ideas That Work In The Real World
Chapter 5 – How To Improve Your Utilisation
Chapter 6 – How To Improve Your Productivity


Part 3 – Understanding The Financial Impact
Chapter 7 – Calculating The Gain In Your Utilisation
Chapter 8 – Calculating The Gain In Your Productivity


John Boyes“I have just finished reading “How to make more profit with your Service Department”‘. I took the opportunity to work through it with a set of dealer management accounts and found this a most useful exercise in refreshing my knowledge of the various Service KPI in an actual scenario. Nationally I immediately saw ways of improving that dealer’s departmental profit! Even the best-run workshop cannot fail to pick up ideas to improve profitability. The book should be on every Service Manager’s desk.”

John Boyes
Franchising Group Office Renault / Nissan UK

“It’s jam-packed with Service Department Best Practice Initiatives…
Every Service Manager and Dealer Principal
should own a copy”

Bernard-Gonnet“Jeff Smith’s book captures all the knowledge and best practice in the Service Department. It inspires managers, motivates workshop staff and helps to create a more customer-friendly environment, not to mention a more profitable business for us all. Thanks to Jeff, this new book will provide a great boost to the whole industry.”

Bernard Gonnet
Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy Division
Renault Trucks World-wide


No Nonsense, Easy To Read And
Gets Straight To The Point

Jeff Smith has continued with his unique writing style of writing which is jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands. This book keeps everything simple, cuts out all the waffle and gets straight to the point on every single page and includes a total of 63 graphic illustrations and diagrams so that you get the information you need to deliver more profit to your business.

20 years of experience, 5 years of research and 2 years in the writing, this book is packed from cover to cover with practical, real-world profit building ideas and trade secrets giving your business years of future growth and it’s very easy to read and understand.

Whatever your reading style or experience in the industry, you will find that this book is a real must have for making more profit in less time and for an investment that is less than you charge for 1 hour of labour you just can’t go wrong.

You could continue running your business in the traditional way by using trial and error, or would you prefer to buy the book and cut straight to the chase by learning all the strategies that are being used by the most profitable Service Departments in the world? The choice is yours.


We Take All The Risk So You Don’t Have To

100% money back guarantee on how to make more profit with your service department by Jeff Smith

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