Hotels And Places To Stay

Staying overnight is easy to achieve with hotels relatively close to us, which makes it easy for commuting in the morning and evening. You’ll be eating with us during the day of course, but for the evening there are some local restaurants close by such as Beef Eater, Indian Curry or Chinese, which are all very good.

Staying local to us on various budgets

1.5 miles | Travel Lodge Halesowen | Whitehall Road, Halesowen, B63 3HY
Tel: 08719 846488

5 miles | Premier Inn Hagley | Birmingham Rd, Hagley,| Stourbridge DY9 9JS
Tel: 0871 527 8484

7.5 miles | Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa | Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, B61 0JB
Tel: 020 3384 6448

These locations are very easy for commuting by car or taxi.

Staying in Birmingham City Centre

If you’re looking for something rather more substantial or even a little nightlife after your event, you can visit Birmingham City Centre. Within the city, you can visit the Theatre, Symphony Hall, Night Clubs, Comedy Clubs, China Town, Michelin Star restaurants and chic bars. Birmingham City Centre is around 15 miles away and takes 30 minutes to drive by car outside of the rush hour.

However, during rush hour you will need to allow 1 hour to get to us in the morning for your event. If you prefer to take the train from Birmingham City Centre, you will be using Birmingham Moor Street Station to Old Hill Station, which takes 20 minutes and then it’s 1.5 miles from Old Hill Station to get to us by taxi.

Alternatively, you could stay at one of the local hotels listed above and travel to Birmingham City Centre for your evening. You can drive into the city, take a taxi or go by rail. For guidance, the last train leaves Birmingham City around 23:00 and if you are planning on returning after that time in a taxi to one of the local hotels listed above, the cost will be around £50.

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