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The World's #1 Leading Expert on KPI and Business Strategy For
Industry Manufacturers, Government, Large Corporations and Dealer Groups


Jeff Smith runs training programmes all over the world with multi-cultural delegates for
government. large corporations, industry manufacturers, franchises and dealer groups

Jeff Smith is an international Trainer and the author of the best-selling books in the world on the subject of key performance indicators and with book sales in excess 100,000 copies, he's regarded as the world’s #1 leading expert on the subject of KPI and business strategy. His training courses are bespoke, his training style is unique and he's ranked by his clients and his delegates as the best in the world. 

Jeff Smith training with international audience in DubaiJeff's ability as a Trainer is unique, he totally captivates his audiences and fosters an attitude of gratitude so that everyone has a burning desire to participate and move outside of their comfort zone so they learn much more than they would on any other "normal" training course. 

He works brilliantly with multi-cultural audiences where English is not the first language (as seen in this photograph) and he's also a real master at bringing a group of people together where there are mixed abilities and mixed levels of experience. This is an essential skill when working with people from the same organisation such as a major group of companies, an industry manufacturer or government. 

Jeff Smith Certified KPI Training with Porsche in SingaporeJeff has the ability to assess the audience very quickly and then put everyone at ease so they can all work together on the learning journey. His level of clarity is simply outstanding and unrivalled in his subject matter, there's simply no one else in the same league. He takes very complex subjects and makes them easy to understand within minutes so you get to work on the concepts, understand them and make practical changes into your business.

Because Jeff is the inventor of many new concepts with key performance indicators, he introduces you to powerful, ground-breaking and brand-new KPI to demonstrate how you can achieve the goals you've set for your business. There's no one else in the world who operates at this level.




Daniel Menden Harley-Davidson



Renault Nissan Alliance hire Jeff Smith

"Jeff has made a strong impression on our dealer network staff in the delivery of training programmes and conferences - so much so that certain individuals look specifically to attend programmes that only he delivers - We've never known this before, it's totally unprecedented!!!

Jeff's inimitable style and delivery has meant that our dealership staff now have a real appetite for our training courses and conferences, what more can be said?

As a meeting planner, I need to have total confidence in the speakers and trainers I hire for our events, whether they're large conferences with thousands of people, or smaller, more intimate training programmes and Jeff Smith is always my #1 first choice. I know when I hire him he'll be there, he'll be ready and fully prepared before everyone else and he always leaves our delegates wanting more. He's able to shape his training and keynote addresses to perfectly suit the outcomes and objectives we've set for each of our events and as a meeting planner, I really cannot ask for anything more. He's a real pleasure to work with and the consummate professional.

Veronica Caspari - Nissan Motor GB


You can have Jeff's training certified to your organisation with graded certificates and his very special "Seal of Authenticity". 
The certificates are stunning A3 Parchment paper which delegates take enormous pride in framing and hanging on their wall.

Jeff Smith Seal of Authenticity

"When you book Jeff Smith for your event,

you're not just booking the world's #1 Trainer, you're booking certainty"



As you can see, from this range of photographs below, Jeff changes his clothing to suit every event.
He ranges from a very smart suit and tie to smart casual, casual, sporty, jeans and tee-shirt,
or fully corporate attire as seen here with Harley-Davidson in Canada.

Jeff Smith witht he Harley-Davidson team in Canada

This very proud group is the Harley-Davidson Team at their head office in Canada
proudly clutching onto their well-earned A3 parchment certificates 


Jeff Smith KPI Training in Dubai

This team of graduates is part of the Porsche Dealer Academy where the training took place in Dubai.
They've travelled from all over the Middle East to be here and will be returning for another session.


Jeff Smith KPI training

A wonderful tradition here seen in Asia Pacific where we all wear the same Tee-shirt on the last day of training.
This proud group are Porsche Aftersales Managers who gathered for the training in Singapore 

 Jeff Smith Certified KPI Training

And here's another group of graduates all continuing the custom of wearing the same Tee-shirt on the last day of training
none of them are willing to let go of their prized possession... personalised signed copies of The KPI Book.


Jeff Smith KPI Training Course

Jeff is seen here in his suit and tie after working with an international group of delegates from various different industries
The amazing venue is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the only 7 star hotel in the world.


As well as providing the latest innovations in KPI and business development, Jeff also provides you with the ultimate and most powerful template for success and the one thing that’s unique about him… well, because he's the inventor of many new concepts, he's able to show you how to get the results you want in the fastest possible time. 

Jeff Smith has spoken in more than 71 different countries, hundreds of different cities and he's touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. His client list reads like a who’s who of global success. He's worked with royalty, a string of fortune 100 companies and he's made a whole series of television programmes on business strategy, KPI and education for Sky TV. He is without question, the world's #1 on KPI and business strategy.


Jeff Smith the world's number 1 leading expert on KPI and Business Strategy

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