Axalta Bodyshop Masterclass training with Jeff SmithBodyshop Management Masterclass with Jeff Smith

This Masterclass covers everything there is to know about making more profit in the Bodyshop. It provides a thorough and comprehensive understanding of all the key performance indicators you need to include in your strategy to achieve the results you want. Perhaps more importantly, you'll get all the knowledge and tools you need to deliver your results in the fastest possible time.

Duration 121 seconds

One of the problems with being in management is that some people are thrown in at the deep end. Company reports are not properly explained and they often feel uncomfortable and lack confidence because they don't understand some of the figures. There's no one to ask for advice or help, or when they do get advice it's often confusing. Learning on the job by trial and error can take years for someone to reach their full potential and their journey to success takes far too long, it's painful and it's costly for the company and the people concerned. Thank goodness, it doesn't have to be that way.


Axalta Dubai regional offices - Bodyshop Masterclass with Jeff Smith

Working with Jeff Smith here at Axalta, we recognise what happens in the real world and we eliminate all of those problems to create a whole new world of clarity, vision and self confidence. We put you at ease in our comfortable environment while Jeff explains financial information and the most critical key performance indicators in jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands making it easy for you to fast-track your career to the next stage. 

When you’re in possession of the correct tools, the correct KPI and you know how to execute everything in the most effective way, you’ll create a whole new world for yourself where you win more customers, increase sales and make more profit



    "We are proud to be associated with a Guru as distinguished as Jeff Smith providing a platform for consistent improvement of Bodyshop performance to our customers in the Middle East and North Africa. 

    As a leader in our market, we strive hard to deliver consistent products as well as Technical and Management training. The Jeff Smith Bodyshop Management Masterclass is the best programme available world-wide and it ensures that management training meets our customer expectations in elevating Bodyshop capabilities to stay profitable and build a much stonger future”

    Fadi Medlej - Managing Director, Axalta Middle East


    Masterclass Overview
    The Bodyshop is rammed with an abundance of information and jargon, you've probably met people who throw words into a conversation like "efficiency" without giving much thought to what it really means. For instance, you can ask 10 different people for the meaning of KPI such as Overall Efficiency, Productivity, Utilisation, Technical Efficiency and Loading Efficiency you'll probably get 10 different answers on each one and the odds are that none of them are correct. It's a frustrating subject with a real lack of clarity and true understanding.

    This masterclass is where everything comes together in one place, you gain pure clarity and a complete understanding of everything to do with the financial reports and every single key performance indicator within the entire Bodyshop; we leave no stones unturned.


    Axalta Bodyshop Masterclass with Jeff Smith teaching KPI

    Here's an overview of what you'll cover:

    • Management Accounts Made Easy - A complete understanding of financial information and terminology

    • Understanding the financial information of the Bodyshop

    • How to improve operational performance in the Bodyshop

    • Understanding all Bodyshop KPI - Which ones to use to guarantee your success

    • Understanding Benchmarks and Baselines and how to measure yourself properly against them

    • How to accurately measure Bodyshop operational performance

    • Structuring your Daily Operating Controls (DOC) 

    • How to prioritise your actions to gain the best results in the fastest possible time

    • Explanation of every KPI - The good, the bad and the ugly

    • Understanding the 6 most important Bodyshop KPI that are critical for your success

    • Identifying the KPI to avoid so you prevent yourself from wasting your valuable time and energy 

    • Understanding the relationships between KPI and how they're linked together in your performance (Very Important)

    • Jeff Smith's Laws of the Bodyshop together with the diagrams, Benchmarks and Baselines 

    • Using Bodyshop case studies to demonstrate and understand how your actions change the financial information  

    • How to select the correct KPI to match your specific objectives  

    • Understanding how the "The Top Achievers" achieve their success

    • How to accurately measure the efficiency of Technicians

    • How to measure the skills of the Estimators

    • Understanding and measuring Workshop Loading

    • Accurate analysis of the gap between actual and targeted performance and what to do about it

    • How to focus on what matters most to your success

    • How to increase Bodyshop profitability without destroying customer satisfaction

    • Ensure staff buy-in to your plans and create a culture of continuous performance improvement
    • How to make measurement about transformation and not about beating people with a stick

    As you can see, there's a huge amount of information to cover here and to assist you with some accelerated learning, this masterclass is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies where we give you time to practise what you learn and to discuss what is most relevant to you and how you might put these lessons into practice in your workplace.  


    Who Should Attend This Masterclass?
    The programme is designed for people who want to gain more clarity and confidence on financial information and KPI to develop best practice and operational performance improvement in the Bodyshop. If you understand some of your KPI and financial information, but not all of it and you want to banish all doubts, this masterclass is for you.


    Never underestimate the power of networking here at the centre of excellenceThe Power of Networking Should Never Be Underestimated When You're Here
    It doesn't matter if you're working in a large franchised dealership or a small independent Bodyshop, you'll be working with the latest cutting-edge information to develop your business and sharing your best practice ideas with each other.

    Jeff Smith is the master of managing a group of people with mixed abilities and objectives so you all learn together without feeling lost or out of your depth. You'll be meeting and networking with people from other businesses that you wouldn't normally meet, these encounters are often invaluable, especially over dinner at the end of the day.

    You'll be in a small and select group of people where you'll be made most welcome and your every need will be catered for, regardless of your experience. 


    Is this masterclass challenging? Oh Yes! This is where you're going to dig deep, move outside of your comfort zone and squeeze every last drop of juice out of each KPI to ensure you're well armed for optimising your performance.  We want you to gain the absolute maximum you can while you're here and that's why we limit the group to an absolute maximum of 12 delegates so you get one-to-one support from Jeff whenever you need it. 

    This masterclass is highly recommended for:

    • Existing Bodyshop Managers with all levels of experience from newly promoted to a 20-year veteran
    • Aspiring Bodyshop Managers who want the right training for a properly structured career path
    • Teams or individuals with performance measurement responsibility of the Bodyshop
    • People who are part of a strategic planning team who are seeking the best practical ideas for improving performance
    • Budget analysts who need performance information to formulate budgets and evaluation


    Axalta Bodyshop Masterclass Dubai with Jeff Smith teaching KPI


    Will This Masterclass Be In Conflict With Any Other Training I've Done?
    No, Absolutely not, in fact it will support and strengthen anything you've done before.

    One of the problems is that not everyone knows that KPI benchmarks and baselines are not random numbers, you can't just make them up, or pluck them out of thin air, they're wholly dependent upon science. However, some reports don't apply this science and because of this, in any given month, you might hit some targets but not others because the connections have not been realised. Also some budgets don't show the connections between the relevant KPI which means that improving your operational performance and hitting your targets on a consistent basis is never going happen and you'll be held back.  

    Learning the secrets of business strategy from the KPI Guy at the Jeff Smith Centre of ExcellenceTo combat all this confusion, Jeff is revealing the secrets, the science and the evidence behind all KPI benchmarks and baselines so you know how they are created and where the information comes from.

    Perhaps more importantly, he'll also show you how certain KPI are linked together and how they are interdependent upon each other to create harmony and synergy in your Bodyshop so you achieve consistent results on an ongoing basis.

    You'll come away with the knowledge and evidence to question everything in your Bodyshop to make sure your strategic vision is correct and achievable every single month. You'll also be armed with sufficient clarity to explain everything to your team so they buy into you strategy and make change happen. Rest assured, nothing is random and your performance improvement is not left to chance. Once you know the embedded secrets behind the most important KPI, the frustration of hitting some targets and not others will be a thing of the past.


    How Many Days Is This Masterclass?
    The programme duration is 2 days.
    We begin at 09:00 and finish around 17:30, or later if you have the energy to continue. The good thing about the raining centre at Axalta is that we're not dependent upon anyone else, we can come and go as we please, which means that we can be flexible with timing to facilitate the best possible learning experience and get the very most out of the programme. 

    Jeff Smith as your Mentor for 12 monthsUnrivalled Support
    We don't expect you to remember everything in this intensive programme, you'll want to study when it's all over to keep it all fresh in your mind so you can apply it into your workplace. Your Masterclass Workbook you'll take away with you from the event is filled with the critical information and case studies for you to practise, but here's a real bonus for you. 

    Jeff Smith will be available to you for a further 12 months. You can contact him by email, telephone for help and advice on any of the topics we've covered here and he'll make sure you understand any of the points or KPI you might be unsure about. You may also arrange a return visit to us to speak with our team face-to-face to go through any of the concepts that you're struggling to understand. This feature alone is worth it's weight in gold because you can also contact Jeff to discuss anything to do with KPI and the latest trends and Best Practice. 


    This Bodyshop Management Masterclass is also certified, but  it's not a simple attendance certificate just for turning up.  At the end of the programme, you can choose to sit an exam consisting of 25 questions with multiple choice answers at both Certificate and Diploma levels. Upon completion, you receive your grade which will be Pass 60%, Merit 70% or Distinction 80%.

    Your name and your grade is proudly printed on your prestige A3 parchment certificate stating what you have achieved and it's signed by the Jeff Smith and the President of the Board of Education. 


    Ryan Abbott, Commercial Manager at Jaguar Land Rover
    receives his Certificate of Distinction presented by Stephen Louis of AxaltaRyan Abbott of Jaguar Land Rover collecting his Certificate for a well-deserved Distiction


    Diab Abu Atieh, Technical Support & Training at Juma Al Majid Group
    "I received a Distinction and the Bodyshop Management Masterclass with Jeff Smith is
    the most important course I have attended in my whole life"
    Diab Abu Atieh receives his certificate of distinction on prestigious A3 parchment paper with the gold seal of authenticity


    Do you have what it takes to join Khaled and the others who have achieved a Distinction
    in what is regarded as the very best Bodyshop Masterclass in the world?

    Axalta Bodyshop Masterclass. Khaled Hammed with his copy of The KPI Book third edition


    Stephen Louis being presented with his framed certificate for a Distinction at the Axalta HQ in Dubai. 
    It looks amazing hanging on the office wall.

    Jeff Smith presents Stephen Louis with his certificate for Distinction in the Bodyshop Management Masterclass


    QAA from the Institute of The Motor Industry

    Jeff Smith's training programmes have been externally verified by The Institute of the Motor Industry (The IMI) and all of them have the QAA seal of approval. Apart from this outstanding achievement, here are the words taken directly from the assessment:

    "The standard of delegate assessments, feedback and support to delegates is 1st Class. Jeff Smith's approach and attention to detail sets the benchmark for everyone else in the industry to follow."

    Roger Dipple - Lead External Verifier, The IMI.


    If you don't do the KPI Masterclass with Jeff Smith, what will you do instead?


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