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increasing sales and making more profit”

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This explosive book blows the lid off the closely guarded secrets of success in selling and exposes the raw nerves of human psychology. It’s completely customer focussed and it skilfully brings together the consumer buying process and very cleverly interweaves it with the sales process so that you win more customers, catapult your sales and skyrocket your profits.

In the selling environment, there are 3 critical questions that simply must be asked and the answers must be properly understood if you are to succeed:

1) What causes someone to buy something?

2) What causes someone to buy your products?

3) What causes someone to buy your products from you?

Don’t Leave Your Career To Chance…
Learn From The Best

This book is filled with tried, tested and proven strategies that really work, there’s no theory here. Over the last 3 decades Jeff Smith has studied the top salespeople in the world and this book is a compilation of their activities and their results. What you are about to read are real life actions that are already in place and are tried and tested to be successful. It’s simply about facts and what works, there’s no room for anyone’s opinion here, except for your own

This book contains the activities of those who continue to dominate in selling both new and used cars, vans, trucks, bikes, boats and aircraft. But in truth, this book is not about selling these big-ticket items, it’s about the people who buy them (your customers) and how they make their decisions to buy from you.

The 7 Most Effective Closing Techniques In The World
And How To Use Them

closing the deal with a handshake

salesman closing more deal and making more profit

You see, in order to close more deals, win more customers and make more profit, most people think you need some clever closing techniques. But that’s not true. And to prove it, in this book you’re getting the 7 most effective closing techniques in the world today, but that alone wouldn’t be enough to ensure your success!

You’re also going to learn how to use them. This is because if you’ve never been taught how to ask for the business and more critically, if you’ve never been taught when is the prefect time to ask for the business, no closing technique on the planet will work to any great effect; you need to know how the top achievers use and apply these closing techniques so you can do it too.

Nothing is left to chance, nothing is random, and nothing is untested. Everything is steeped in customer buying psychology and once you’ve seen this information, you’ll never be afraid to close a deal, ever again and what’s more is that your customers won’t want to deal with anyone else but you. This makes referrals and repeat business multiply beyond your dreams and it kicks your competition completely out of play.


When this book is awarded as top prizes at Porsche,
you know you’ve got something worth owning.


The Complete Retail Sales Process
From Beginning To End

This is not about old-fashioned sales control methods, it’s all entirely customer-focussed so you give your customer what they want at exactly the time they need it and it’s all adapted to the high-tech mindset of today’s customers.

The sales process flow chart by jeff smith from the book, close more deals

Retail Sales Process flowchart by Jeff Smith. For the first time ever, the entire sales process has been re-mapped from beginning to end to be completely customer focussed whilst skilfully interweaving it together with the consumer buying process to ensure customers make their decisions in your favour.

It looks deeply into the eyes of your customers to understand buying psychology and answers that eternal question of “what is it exactly that causes someone to buy something” Once you know that critical information, you can align yourself with your customer and develop much deeper relationships.

Absolutely everything is covered here… everything from how to conduct an effective meet and greet, to the perfect demonstration, to the close, and beyond; it’s all here! Every step of the sales process has it’s own chapter and it’s all covered in absolute detail and hard evidence so you can adapt it to work in any country, any city and any culture to ensure your success.

In addition to that, the end of each chapter has “Power Points” for the most important aspects within that step of the sales process. It’s a fabulous tool for revising and rejuvenating the information when you revisit the book as you develop your skills.


Measuring Your Achievements With
The 6 Touchpoints Of Success

Sales Manger and Salesman smiling whilst looking at sales KPI and close more deals

You know the old saying, failing to plan is planning to fail. All of the top achievers in the world don’t sit back and wait for success to come to them, they plan their success in advance and they predict their results. They measure the things that really matter and they’re motivated by the things that really matter and those things are the sales activities. When you motivate the sales activities, your sales double very quickly.

The top achievers do this by adapting the six touchpoints of success to suit their needs and their individual abilities to define how they work in the days, weeks and months ahead. They transfer their sales activities into a sales funnel and this fully functioning sales funnel is at the heart of every single top achiever in the world. The Sales Funnel is included here with full and complete instructions on how to use it.

When you know what these six touchpoints of success really are and you know how to adapt them to suit your own needs and your own abilities with the Sales Funnel, they’ll change the way you work and re-shape your world… forever.


Key Performance Indicators

If you’re a fan of The KPI Book, you’ll love this 5th section of the book because it takes all the useful KPI from the sales process and copies exactly the same format as The KPI Book to give you all the data you need, it the way that you need it and each KPI is contained on a single page. This book has it all.


Customer Review from
Duncan Drummond

“I’ve spent many years looking at sales processes and approaches and to date, I’ve not seen anything that covers both the psychology and the process of selling so clearly as is written here. This book examines many of the areas that most of us take for granted and reflects the reality of the competitive world of sales.

It’s so easy to read and uses real-world evidence to back up what’s being said. As a tool for both individuals and Sales Managers, and as a methodology against which to measure your performance this latest book is absolutely priceless.”

Customer Review from
Lama A Makarem

“Such an amazing book. Highly recommended to every person in the sales arena. What I really liked about it is the “human” side of it. “Sales” is not about $ and profits, that will automatically come when done right. Sales is about helping a customer to buy the right thing for them. Thank you Jeff Smith for another great and unique book for the industry!”

Customer review from
Paul Hitchen Manager Learning & Development

“This book gives plenty of pearls of wisdom and it’s a very easy read. I think if I had the patience and were to write a book on sales it would be exactly like this.

I particularly like the theme of putting the customer at the centre of the whole process, these days it is very much easier to help the customer to buy rather than to sell, also the section on ‘adding value’ to the whole retail experience.

Overall Jeff, a big thumbs up, great read, well worth the investment and I would suggest everyone could benefit from picking it up and reading it, I will certainly be reading it again and again as will probably pick up something new second time over”


Some people say, “If nothing changes, everything stays the same”, but that’s not true is it? In the competitive world of sales, there is no status quo… you’re either going forward and increasing your sales, or you’re going backwards and the competition is getting stronger.

If you’re the type of person who likes to develop yourself by learning the latest cutting edge techniques, the type of person who wants to sprint ahead of the competition and the type of person who likes to take action, this book is for you.


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