When you’re In Need of a confidential chat,
or you want some business advice,
let’s talk, face-to-face

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Jeff Smith says it's as easy as that with KPIYes, it’s as easy as that

Perhaps you need a confidential chat about what’s going on, or you want some advice on an idea you have for your business, or maybe you want some clarity on understanding a specific KPI? I’m here to help and support you in these difficult times and I’ve made this opportunity available so you can get what you need.

My aim is always to provide the very best service possible and in this case, I’ve also tried to make things easy, simple and right now… it’s over to you, everything is in your hands.

I look forward to meeting you in The Centre of Excellence and providing you with the advice you need. You can rest assured that it’s always in the strictest confidence.

My warmest regards,


yes I know, It Sounds Crazy,
So Why Am I Doing This?

Jeff Smith, the KPI Guy, smiling in black backgroundI get many requests for a “quick chat” and quite honestly, I could fill each day answering email and talking with people who just want a casual chat. I want to give the very best service possible, but as you can appreciate, I have to find the right balance because I can’t respond to everyone quickly. 

I’m offering this option so I get to spend my time with the people who need help or advice, it’s a way of prioritising the people who need answers quickly, or perhaps to reach out to someone to talk with confidentially about what’s going on.

I’m doing this to provide a premium service

What can you expect?

Books by Jeff SmithA lot of questions can be answered in a very short time when we’re face-to-face and that’s why I’ve made this option available and it’s 100% confidential.

It’s ideal if you need a quick chat with me about understanding a particular aspect of your company information. Alternatively, you might want to discuss something about a specific KPI, a confidential chat about business performance, or even understanding the science of success, it’s really up to you.

When you need a confidential chat to discuss what you’re feeling, it’s easier to hook up on Zoom to get some advice rather than writing an email, or worse still, not doing anything.

This service is not designed for an in depth training or mentoring session, it’s simply to ensure some quality time together to get some advice during our informal chat.

here’s some of the most popular questions
that are asked and answered

I have many calls for confidential advice, which I can’t list of course, but
many other questions are based on The Top Achievers forĀ 
how successful people become successful, here’s a few samples

  • Understanding the science of successWhat’s the difference between benchmarks and baselines and why should I care?
  • What are the Top 10 KPI and which are the most important for me in my business?
  • Can you show me your live working model for understanding the Science of Success but with my own numbers?
  • Why is it that some people have less knowledge and experience than others, but still make more money and enjoy more success in their lives?
  • You talk about “The 11 Steps of Success”, can you tell me how to get started?
  • Productivity and Efficiency, what’s the difference?
  • Which Closing Ratio is the best one to use for my Sales Team?
  • What are the best KPI for HR?

You’re not limited to any of these questions
you can ask whatever you wish
About your own performance