the KPI Book by Jeff Smith. The ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business
The KPI Book
Second Edition

by Jeff Smith

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The KPI Book
Second Edition
by Jeff Smith

"The ultimate guide to understanding the
Key Performance Indicators of your business"

ISBN: 978-0-9540259-5-3

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The KPI Book Second Edition by Jeff Smith

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The most respected book in the Automotive Industry has been re-written - but please understand, it's not a Second Edition with a few subtle changes, on the contrary... it's a major upgrade with two brand new chapters, many new KPI and updated global benchmarks.

It's followed the success of the First Edition by keeping the same trusted layout on each page so you can get the information you want really quickly.

All the traditional KPI like Stock Turn etc have been retained and re-written with more clarity, but more importantly, this book introduces you to the new ground-breaking KPI concepts created for the 21st century which are far more powerful, more revealing and much more useful than the traditional KPI and as a result, the book has 60% more content than the first edition.

"There is an old saying that goes, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!" With Jeff Smith's new book you are now easily able to do both. The measurement and application of KPI has never been so comprehensive and clearly explained.

This book is major step forwards and a must read for anyone in the automotive sector who wishes to improve their business opportunities and profit potential!

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a relative novice there is something to be gained from reading it. Thanks to Jeff, if you ever find yourself in the "automotive darkness" this book will provide you with a focussed and clear light!"

George Wills - Presidente & Director General
Porsche Latin America, Inc.


I Already Have A Copy Of The KPI Book,
Do I Really Need To Buy The Second Edition?

The short answer is "Yes". You can no longer pay attention to the benchmarks and baselines because most of them have changed due to the changes in the economic climate. All benchmarks have been revisited and revised to reflect a truly global perspective. In addition, there's also a complete suite of brand new KPI and business concepts for maximising your profitability. Due to these factors, we have to make the following statement:

As of Monday 9 June 2014, The KPI Book First Edition
is officially obsolete, outdated and unsupported.

The first edition was first published on 16 April 2001 and has sold in excess of 50,000 copies. However, the last book was sold in November 2013 and it's now out of print and no longer available. Jeff Smith is always available to answer any questions you have regarding key performance indicators, but I'm afraid he can no longer assist you with the information contained within the First Edition.


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What's The Difference Between This Book
And The First Edition?

At first glance, the book cover of the Second Edition looks exactly the same as the First Edition apart from those two words "Second Edition" on the front cover. It's also exactly the same height and the same width, but the spine is quite a bit thicker because it has 135 more pages, therefore it's a little heavier too.

The page size, the font and the font sizes and are all the same which confirms that this new book is not marketing hype or a simple upgrade, but rather that the additional 135 pages are crammed full with even more valuable information about understanding your business.

Perhaps more importantly, the page layout remains the same with the page title, the formula, the benchmarks following the same trusted page layout which lead to the success of the first edition.

The big difference is that you have the very latest up-to-date information. Every single page has been completely re-written to give you much more clarity and understanding in every single area of your business, not to mention the very latest benchmarks to reflect the changes in our industry since the credit crisis.

But none of these things tell you just how much better this book really is, so here's a simple comparison table with just a few of the highlight differences in the content:

Second Edition
Year of publication
Number of pages
Word count
Number of KPI
Suite of new KPI on Operational Investment
Advanced Sales Management
Advanced Vehicle Stock Management
Advanced Service Management
Six business models for Service Efficiencies
Advanced Parts Management
Advanced Parts Stock Management
Advanced Bodyshop Management
Six business models for Bodyshop Efficiencies
The latest Dealer Principal business information
Advanced Absorption and Absorption Shortfall
Sales Retention Index
Breakeven Volume
Truly global industry Benchmarks and Baselines
Up to date industry Benchmarks and Baselines
Whole book written around a Case Study
Track KPI relationships between departments

See The Table Of Contents
For The KPI Book Second Edition
and a free sample

The KPI Book Second Edition


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"The first edition was a revelation, but this second edition is in a different league because it provides further clarity with ground-breaking new information. It is without doubt the No.1 reference point for all within the automotive industry."

Mike Ellenthorpe
Group General Manager - Behbehani Motors Company
, Kuwait


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Understanding your business
has never been so easy!

Now, you and your team have a truly global central point of reference to put you on the fast track to understanding your own business performance and every single aspect of your Daily Operating Controls.

There are more than 250 Key Performance Indicators currently in use within the automotive industry today, and to maximise every opportunity and to make more profit, you are expected to know them all. But in reality, it's highly unlikely you'll remember all of them, and that's why this book is so valuable to have at your side.

Probably even more important than that is if any of your managers do not fully understand all their departmental information, what chance do they have of making the right decisions for your business and to make more profit?

The key to success is measuring the effects of your actions and responding to them quickly so that you can boost your profits further rather than taking the risk of hoping that everything is OK at the end of the month - it's too late by then!

Being a respected manager of a business or a department you have to know what is working and what is not working to maximise your opportunities and the best way of achieving this is to measure your efforts with reliable Key Performance Indicators; there's absolutely no doubt about that and here's the proof...

The Top Achievers in the Automotive Industry are constantly measuring KPI but the main problem is knowing which KPI are the most important for influencing your profitability?

Unless you are working with KPI everyday, the task of understanding everything about them is daunting; there are just too many of them, and frankly, it can get very confusing

Do you know which KPI are the most important on your KPI Reports?Which KPI are the most useful in each department?

Which KPI should I have in my DOC?

Which KPI tell me the most about my General Management?

Which KPI are absolutely essential to monitor?

Which KPI are unnecessary?

Which KPI can I not afford to miss?

The five major areas of automotive business are all covered including KPI for New, Used and Trade Sales, Service Department, Parts Department, Bodyshop and even General Management making it the essential tool for everyone who has the responsibility to make more profit for your company.

The KPI Book Second Edition explains each KPI to you in a way that is extremely easy to understand, even if you have never been exposed to Key Performance Indicators before. This has been achieved by ensuring that each Key Performance Indicator is written in jargon-busting plain English which is condensed to a single page together with its global benchmark or baseline.


It couldn't be easier!
It really is the ultimate guide to understanding
the key performance indicators of your business.


Do you know, and more importantly, do all of your managers know the Trade Secrets about making more profit in every department and which KPI to study?

Do they know how to improve their current departmental performance and which KPI are responsible?

Most managers learn by their own experience, which can take years, that's why The KPI Book Second Edition is an essential tool for revealing all the trade secrets about how to make more profit and keep it in your dealership.

You don't have to study;
you get the knowledge you need. Fast!

The KPI Book Second Edition gives you the information you want, in the way that you want it. Absolute clarity for your complete understanding in less than 2 minutes. Every page gets straight to the point by informing you of what each KPI is used for together with a working example so that you can get the very best results out of your business.


The KPI Book Second Edition has 60% more content and a huge improvement in every single aspect, but you don't have to take any risk, we take all the risk for you.

Yes Please! I'd like to improve my knowledge and profitability so please send me a beautifully-bound, prestige hardback copy of The KPI Book Second Edition so that I can get on with making more profit, more easily and more often.

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