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Jeff Smith
#1 Best-Selling Author and International Trainer

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Jeff Smith
#1 Best-Selling Author and
International Conference Speaker

Jeff Smith Author and professional speaker for the  Automotive IndustryJeff Smith is regarded as the world's best business improvement strategists. With more than 600,000 words being published and book sales exceeding 50,000 copies, Jeff is one of the most generous and prolific contributors to business development in the Automotive industry.

As the #1 best-selling author of The KPI Book he is particularly well known for his ability to convey complex information into jargon busting, plain English that everyone understands and he uses this ability to great effect within his training sessions and speaking at conferences.

As well as being one of the world's top trainers and consultants, in 1999 he became a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and has appeared many times as a business expert on Sky Television.

Jeff Smith has been running highly successful businesses for more than 25 years. He originally began in Sales and worked his way through the ranks to become a Divisional Director. He followed this by becoming an Author, Consultant, Trainer and Conference Speaker and during this time he's worked on a personal level with some of the largest companies in the world who have Turnover measured in the £billions.

In both large and small companies, Jeff has an outstanding track record of developing profit improvement initiatives and cash flow programmes in Sales, Aftersales and Business Strategy.

In 2003 he wrote How To Make More Profit With Your Service Department and in 2009 he wrote Management Accounts Made Easy, both of which sold out of the initial print runs before they were published; such is the popularity of his work.

Professor Garel Rhys CBE
reviewed Management Accounts Made Easy, and said:

"This book is a manual for company survival."


Nowadays Jeff says that his life is more about contribution so he's planning on raising funds for charities and writing more books on how to use and implement KPI.

In addition to this, he also writes a monthly best practice newsletter called Profit Builder which you can obtain free of charge - Jeff has been writing Profit Builder free of charge for more than 9 years.

Although he's enjoyed phenomenal success as a world-wide #1 best-selling Author with his books, he's particularly proud of the fact that he's an entrepreneur who's "done the job himself" very successfully before he came into the world of teaching other people.

His success hasn't been handed to him on a plate, nor was he borne with a silver spoon in his mouth. He comes from a normal working class family and has achieved everything from the ground up. He says:

"Achieving success is a technique...
and techniques can be learned quite easily"

Because of his vast experience as a Consultant and Conference Speaker, Jeff has a unique perspective on business growth and therefore he doesn't teach theory, he teaches practical applications that improve business performance in the real world.

Always delighted to receive telephone calls and email, he's one of the very few people who will listen to you and in your hour of need he'll give you free advice.

One of his clients once said...

"We all have to earn a living to survive, but Jeff always goes the extra mile. He's always ready to jump in and help people who are in trouble, whereas other training organisations wouldn't do it without an invoice being raised. He's a person of high integrity. In addition to that, I prefer to work with a genuine business expert rather than someone who's simply
read one of his books. He's also a very nice guy!"


Jeff Smith is the Managing Director of Insight Training & Development Ltd which is based in central England where he runs the business with a team of associates with their own areas of expertise. He also speaks at universities, product launches and conferences all over the world.

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