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Each level ascertains 3 very important aspects of your professional development. The certificate level provides you with the information you need to know to be successful in your job role. Then the Diploma level then determines if you know how to apply your knowledge into your workplace and whether you can present your ideas to inspire your team. Then, at the very top level, The Masters qualification establishes whether you have applied your knowledge successfully into your workplace to make a positive difference to your business performance.

To be awarded with a certificate in your chosen role, you’ll complete three training modules which are finance and KPI, strategic and team leadership, and then communication and presentation competence. Each module concludes with an exam and your cumulative score provides you with the Certificate in your job role.

When you’ve completed your certificate, you’ll move onto the Diploma. At this level, you’ll work on a case study, you’ll identify all the problems in the business, and then put together an action plan and present your findings to a panel who will provide you with your formal assessment and grading for your diploma.

Following your successful completion of the diploma, you’ll move onto masters. At this top level, you’ll be working on a work-based assignment where you submit a written report, and give a presentation to a panel of experts who will provide your formal assessment and the grading for your Masters.

If you’re the kind of person who demands the best face-to-face training, combined with the best virtual support, and the world’s #1 books that have shaped the automotive industry as we know it today, then you’re ready to obtain your passport for success at The Jeff Smith International Business Academy.

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When you’re ready to accelerate your career to a class above the rest, get your passport to success from the Jeff Smith International Business Academy

When you demand that your education is a class above the rest, get your recognised qualifications at the Jeff Smith International Business Academy

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Yes, many have tried to provide qualifications at management level, but they’ve not succeeded because they were far too academic for the people working in our industry. University is not the answer for everyone, and our industry is filled with amazingly talented people who have the necessary “practical” skills required to be an outstanding manager who delivers top class performance day after day.

University is a fabulous option for those who are academic, but it’s not so great for the majority of managers in the automotive industry who want to be recognised for successfully running a department. In addition, automotive managers want their education to be practical and perfectly suited to their job role so they can immediately apply what they’ve learned into the workplace. This is exactly what’s been missing in the past and now we have practical qualifications that are perfectly suited for practical people who want to make a real difference in their workplace.

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