Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker on KPI Best Practice and  Customer Satisfaction

Jeff Smith

World-Wide #1 Best-Selling
Author and Motivational
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Jeff Smith
Motivational Speaker on KPI Best Practice, Profit Improvement
Customer Satisfaction And Business Strategy



With book sales continuing to accelerate above and beyond $3,000,000, and a diary bursting full of engagements, Jeff Smith is the world's #1 leading expert on key performance indicators (KPI).
His client list reads like a "who's who" of global success and includes nothing less than Royalty, a string of Fortune 100 companies and he's cited by his clients as the best business improvement strategists in the world.

Jeff Smith has made several programmes for Sky Television and is often called upon as an industry expert.Jeff Smith is an Author, Business Strategist and Motivational Speaker who's made several programmes for Sky Television and is often called upon as an expert on business improvement. He travels all over the world ranging from Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the USA talking about implementing and using KPI for adopting best practise and developing successful business strategies, particularly in difficult times. He looks at the current environment to bring common sense and clear direction from a world of confusion to help all businesses generate greater results. He doesn't stand behind podiums, he walk freely around the stage, fully engaging the audience to maximum effect.

The focus of his speeches is always “fun with a serious intent ” and because of his own experience of running highly successful businesses for more than 25 years, he's able to draw upon real-life "success and failure" stories attaining high levels of credibility with the audience.

Some of the areas covered by Jeff Smith include:

Jeff Smith, Motivational Business Speaker
The 7 Biggest Secrets of the World's Top Achievers

The Paradigm Shift
KPI and Business Strategy in Emerging Markets
How To Stimulate Profit Growth And Sustain It
The Pyramids Of Power
The Secrets for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
How To Make More Profit And Keep It

"Credibility is an essential ingredient in a speaker if you want to
make change happen within an organisation"

Jeff speaks to audiences within many different industries around the world and his background in the Automotive Industry provides a perfect backdrop for many business challenges that have faced the world over the last century.

Using his "Pyramids of Power" his ability to explain complex concepts to a large audience making business principles easy to understand is his trade mark - his clarity is truly unrivalled.

You can always measure a good conference by how much it's talked about after the event, but rather than going solely for the popularity vote, Jeff's aim is to give great ideas to improve business performance- and that's what gets talked about long after the event has ended - However, although it's not his aim, he's often cited by the audience as the best speaker of the day.

Perhaps one of the reasons for his popularity is because he's brilliant at getting the audience involved in the whole experience; he works on this premise:

Tell me and I will hear
Show me and I will see
Involve me and I will understand

Jeff Smith get's the audience involved  on many levels to gain more attention to the learning outcomes
Jeff Smith interacting with an audience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

He never stands behind a podium, he doesn't require an Autocue nor does he rely upon scripts... instead he walks the stage fully engaging the audience speaking from heart with real passion. Few people have the depth of knowledge to do this and at the same time have the ability to deliver a message to the audience with the effect of an atomic bomb.


Jeff Smith Key Note Speaker and Facilitator for KPI Best Practice

Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker and Facilitator for "The Journey Ahead Master Class" in Ireland



"During our lifetime we have the chance to meet a lot of people, some of them are very well educated, some of them have a lot of knowledge, a few of them are brilliant, but if we are really lucky, sometimes we get to meet a " Genius". But what makes someone a genius?

Probably there are many answers to this question, but from my perspective I think a genius is someone who brings "Clarity" and who has the capacity to put together a lot of information and come out with a simple clear understanding of it. But further more, a genius is capable of sharing their knowledge in simple plain English, so that is understandable to everybody at every level, even to people like me where English is not my first language.

One day in my life I met a person who fulfilled my requisites to call him a genius, that was the day I met Jeff Smith.

He has contributed so much to make the automotive industry understandable, it's an industry so difficult to manage, but he gives clear and very effective ways to measure performance in all aspects of the business.

Thank you very much for all the knowledge you have given me, but more importantly thank you so much for giving me "Clarity".

Jorge Puschkarevich, Porsche
Jorge Puschkarevich

DIESA - Porsche Centre Asuncion



"During my career in Pharmaceuticals and within the Automotive Industry, I've attend many training courses, seminars and conferences and in my opinion, Jeff Smith is the best speaker in the world today, especially on the subject of using Key Performance Indicators for business improvement.

He's totally transformed the way our dealer partners manage their businesses in the whole of the Middle East, North Africa and South Africa. I don't know anyone else who knows the subject of business improvement so well and has the power to influence people on a world-wide scale.

Jeff has brought much needed clarity and understanding of key performance indicators to our business and how they can be used to drive change in all areas of the operation. When we book Jeff Smith to speak at our events, he's so easy and professional to deal with and we know every seat will be taken."

Paul De Jongh
Managing Director - Harley-Davidson
Asia Emerging Markets.




"I was recently fortunate enough to film an event at which Jeff Smith was a keynote speaker, delivering an excellent presentation outlining a number of useful strategies to help track KPI and boost sales performance.

As a commercial film maker, I see many professional speakers performing on stage every year and once in a while, on that rare occasion, I get to see someone who stands out above the crowd and really connects with their audience. Jeff Smith is one such speaker and this was confirmed through the feedback we had during filming interviews with delegates throughout the event.

Jeff did an amazing job of bringing to life a subject that can often be very dry, using real-world examples to keep the audience engaged and inspired. Even the film crew were totally enthralled by him and what he had to say and we knew nothing about the subject. I don' think it's possible to have a higher recommendation than that."

Wayne Kelly. Producer at MGL Media, Leicestershire
Wayne Kelly
Producer - MGL Media



"After our initial interview with Jeff and after contacting several companies he had worked with in the past, we decided to hire Jeff as a speaker for our organization to focus on the KPI known as Absorption.

We asked Jeff to present at conferences in 16 different countries over a period of just over a month. The quality of Jeff's presentations was absolutely top-notch and he easily handled the occasional "naysayer" or "challenger" in the audience through a combination of his experience and his knowledge on the topic.

Our people left each meeting with not only a better understanding, but also a much better appreciation of the topic and its value to their business. Jeff Smith single handedly drove this highly desirable end-result for our organization.

Beyond this very positive end-result however, there is more... Jeff was easy to work with and extremely understanding of our needs and the outcome we desired.

In my book, it simply doesn't get any better. Would we hire Jeff again? Absolutely!

Thanks Jeff!"

Tom Clevinger, Navistar
Tom Clevinger

Board of Management - DAF Trucks
Managing Director - PACCAR Parts Europe
A Fortune 200 multi-national company



"We asked Jeff to speak at our Global Dealer EXPO in the USA this year, to share his important message about KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and Absorption. His message was received with great enthusiasm by our Dealers. His engaging presentation makes complex topics easy to understand, as well as enjoyable for the audience. Participants queued up following the presentation, eager for one-on-one discussions with Jeff to explore more questions and ideas. We could not have been more pleased with the response from our Dealers.

Would I ask Jeff to speak to our group again? Already have……….by popular demand he is coming back for another session later this year. Our Dealers and Business Groups are excited to have Jeff continue our development so that, together, we can grow our business profitably. You know when you have found an effective speaker when your toughest constituents offer positive, unsolicited feedback."

David L Allen, Director of Navister Global Parts, Chicago, USA
David L. Allen

Vice President, Sales and Operations
Navistar Global Parts Business, Chicago, USA




"Jeff Smith is by far and away the most effective Motivational Speaker I have ever met. I've witnessed his keynote speeches and training courses bring out the very best in people. If you want to understand how to make more money, spend less to do it and give your business a fighting chance without having to borrow ever more money - Jeff is your man. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any business"

David Macpherson
Harley Davidson Motorcycles



Jeff Smith motivational  Speaker on KPI Best Practice

Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker explaining KPI Best Practice for
an audience in Poland



"We all have to earn a living to survive, but Jeff always goes the extra mile. I can honestly say he's a person of the highest integrity and he's always ready to jump in and help people who are in trouble, whereas other people in his position wouldn't do it without an invoice being raised.

I've seen him work many times with our ACOAT Partners and without exception, they've all been totally transformed, inspired and always want more. I wouldn't consider hiring anyone else because quite simply, there's no one else in his class!

Personally, I prefer to work with a genuine business expert rather than someone who's simply read one of his books. Jeff is also a very nice guy!"

Akzo Nobel




Using his extensive experience in business strategy,Jeff was able to deliver some very challenging messages and key business techniques to owners and managers at our Journey Ahead Master Class conference in Ireland. Feedback shows that his inputs were greatly appreciated by attendees from every sector from SME's to larger firms demonstrating that he has a wide range of knowledge and skills. We found Jeff extremely professional and very easy to work with; highly recommended.

Kevin Kelly, Podiem
Kevin Kelly




Jeff certainly exceeded our expectations to provide a true masterclass packed full of real business insights and a very lively Q&A session that was very thought provoking, practical and was greatly appreciated by the audience. I highly recommend Jeff Smith as a motivational speaker and facilitator.

Bill Manson Podiem
Bill Manson
The Management & Leadership Network
Northern Ireland




"I cannot overstate the impact of Jeff Smith’s presentation at our recent Inchcape Retail Group Aftersales Managers meeting which was held at The Heritage Centre in Gaydon.

It was wonderfully simple to understand, yet very powerful in its approach in teaching us all how to further improve the profitability from our Aftersales departments.

He also managed to crisply communicate the message in a relaxed way and best of all we had some genuine fun when completing the KPI Quiz that he asked us to do.

There were some hard hitting messages in the presentation and we all concluded that he prepared a presentation that seriously differentiates him from the crowd and will most definitely help us to improve our performance.

I highly recommend Jeff as a Motivational Speaker for any conference.”

Neil Tonks
Inchcape Retail Group Aftersales Director


Jeff Smith involves the audience - it's always fun with a serious intent
Jeff Smith Involves The Audience - It's Always Fun With A Serious Intent



Jeff Smith says...

When I decided to become a Motivational Speaker, I vowed to myself I would keep the audience engaged for maximum impact, enjoyment and effectiveness, or else I'd quit.

After many years of honing my skills as a speaker, I believe the secret to success is to get the audience involved and interactive because I know when people get immersed in a subject, they understand it and want to know more.

Wherever possible, I love to get off the stage and interact with people to encourage questions because then I can give even more and when people get involved we can make change happen in the workplace; there's no greater feeling.

Jeff Smith. Motivational Speaker




We have literally thousands of testimonials for Jeff's work, and thousands of accolades regarding his three world-wide #1 best selling books; Jeff's credibility and a proven track record is imprinted in companies across the world. Everyone who's worked with Jeff says the same thing...


If you want an important message delivered
which people can understand and leave
the room wanting to take action...
look no further than Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith speaking with an audience  in the USA of around 130 people  with English and Spanish presentations

Jeff Smith speaking with an audience in the USA of around 130 people with English and Spanish presentations


If you're arranging a large conference or a more intimate affair
with multiple languages like above, rest assured that
you'll be in the hands of a real master.

Pick up the phone right now and dial the number below to find out more about engaging Jeff Smith as your Motivational Speaker.




Jeff Smith, Key Note Speaker on KPI Best Practice
Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker for KPI Best Practice at the Global Conference for
Engagement + Growth = Success in Aruba




And Here's Another Big Difference
Setting Jeff Smith Apart From The Crowd...

After your conference has ended, your audience will have access to personalised online learning to re-enforce the ideas and initiatives of your conference. Take a look at a simple example here:

Look here to see what happens
after your conference

Re-enforce your initiatives with  a quiz after your conference has ended



7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should
Choose Jeff Smith For Your Conference

The KPI Book written by Jeff SmithCompelling Reason # 1: Credibility is a MUST. Although he's achieved massive success in the Automotive Industry, his conference speeches are tailored for all business sectors. He speaks in depth about KPI for Sales organisations, Service organisations, manufacturing, right through to balance sheet and cohesive business strategy.

With book sales exceeding $3,000,000, there are very few people in the Automotive Industry who do not own a copy of The KPI Book; it's regarded as "the industry Bible".

He's well known, he's well respected, he's always accessible to people and he stays at the conference to speak with the delegates after the event. Who is better than the guy who wrote the book to speak about KPI?



Compelling Reason # 2: Real World Ideas – not glib theory! Jeff has more than 30 years of experience of running businesses and he's worked with some of the very best people in the world - he knows what works and he knows how to explain it really well.

Compelling Reason # 3:
Definitely Not The Same Old Stuff - Some conference speakers have a "standard" speech and say the same thing at every conference they attend. If the audience has seen them before, they say "Here we go again, same old stuff as last time." You'll never get this with Jeff because he'll spend a lot of time with you before the conference so that everything is tailor-made for your event. You get your message delivered in a way that's fresh, right for the current climate and delivered with massive impact.

Compelling Reason # 4: Walking the talk
- Some speakers are mere entertainers, they put on a great show but they lack any in-depth knowledge. How many speakers do you know that will make a presentation and then stay on stage and ask for questions? Not many! Jeff believes this makes a real difference to delivering change in the workplace - the more questions he gets, the better; it makes the whole event more relevant for everyone.

Compelling Reason # 5:
Great content but what about the delivery style? Well, this is a personal thing, we all like different things, but what we can say is that Jeff is usually fully booked for at least 12 months in advance and that's the real acid test.

Compelling Reason # 6: Is it possible to influence people in 1 hour? Most conference speakers will say "Yes, of course, I use a special technique". The truth is the level of influence that can be achieved at a conference is directly proportional to the subject matter. Some topics carry instantaneous influence, whilst other subjects requires support from the top at a later stage.

Give us your brief and your expectations for the event and then Jeff will have a talk with you and tell you "honestly" what he thinks he can achieve.

Here's something quite rare...If he does not think that he can deliver what you are asking for, he will not accept your invitation to speak and that's why his success rate is 100%. Honesty and integrity are right at the top of his list.

Compelling Reason # 7: Action is the Key- There are many speakers who can get up on stage and talk for an hour or two and take your money, but the question is, do they give a call to action? Do they inspire people to want to make change happen? In other words, do they have the ability to deliver commercial gain in the workplace for you? The answer for Jeff Smith is most definitely YES!

If you have the budget for such an acclaimed speaker and you want to know more about how to get the best results out of your conference, why don't you pick up the phone, call the office and speak with Jeff Smith directly, here's the number:


0044 1384 371432

Don't worry, if he's not in the office (and he probably won't be) you can speak with Sharon, his PA who will let you know about his availability and then she'll take your details and arrange for Jeff to call you personally at a convenient time to suit you.



When you want the very best results...

Contact Jeff Smith




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