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In his spare time Jeff loves to fly and he donates his time as a pilot and his immense business skills to fulfil the role as a Unit Chief Pilot for the charity, Sky Watch, Civil Air Patrol.


Sky Watch UK Civil Air PatrolDedicated to providing voluntary air support to the emergency services to safeguard communities and the environment. The mission of this charity is to save lives and protect property by the use of aerial observation, over land and water, in order to identify situations where people and property are at risk and then reporting such incidents to the statutory emergency services and such other bodies and then working alongside them as deemed appropriate. 

The charity works in conjunction with the emergency services wherever necessary. All the pilots volunteer their time and also provide their own aircraft and filming equipment to help with observation in tackling fires in buildings and out in the wilderness where wildlife and the environment come under threat.

They also carry out aerial observation work searching for vulnerable and missing people, for example, people with Alzheimer’s, children lost in sand dunes, people stranded on hillsides, mountains, out at sea and people at risk of committing suicide.

If you would like to support Jeff in this life-saving charity, please contact him personally using the form below to find out how you can join us to become a Pilot, an in-flight Observer, fundraiser or to make a donation. Your kindness, compassion and support is very much appreciated and will go a long way in saving the lives of men, women, children and wildlife at risk.

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