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Jeff Smith International Conference Speaker

Motivational Speaker and Business Speaker On KPI
Cited As The Most Successful Author Of All Time
On KPI And Business Strategy


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"Harnessing the power of the world's Top Achievers and sharing their little-known Trade Secrets with you"

Jeff Smith a truly Motivational conference speaker and the world's number 1 leading expert on KPI and Business Strategy. He's spoken in more than 71 difference countries, hundreds of cities and touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the worldJeff Smith is a highly effective motivational speaker who has the amazing ability to explain and convey complex business strategies into jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands; even where English is a second language.  His communication and writing skills on KPI follow the same path and his books have outsold the rest of the top 10 all added together. He's cited with the accolade as being the most successful author in history on the subject of KPI and business strategy.

He's a truly global speaker with more than 25 years of professional speaking experience and he brings with him a wealth of unrivalled knowledge of Best Practice to deliver his messages with the highest possible relevance and credibility. He's spoken in more than 71 different countries, hundreds of different cities and he's privileged to have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world.

His client list reads like a who’s who of global success. He's worked with royalty, a string of fortune 100 companies and he's made a whole series of television programmes on business strategy, KPI and education for Sky TV. 


Audience participation and question time are critical elements

Jeff Smith loves to engage with the audience


An audience of 500 people standing up and taking part
in a fascinating keynote presentation by Jeff Smith

500 people standing up with audience participation at Jeff Smith motivational speaker conference



This is what Ernesto Verdugo, the Executive Event Planner in Dubai and the Middle East
says about Jeff Smith after working with him on multiple events

Duration 53 seconds

One of his major skills is that he knows how to breed success. He works with you before your event to gain a crystal clear vision of what you really want to achieve at your conference and provides you with the correct information, the correct tools and the correct KPI to ensure you reach your goals and aspirations with laser beam accuracy.

Because he's the inventor of many new concepts with key performance indicators, he uses powerful, ground-breaking and brand-new methods and his own proven systems to demonstrate to you "live on stage" how you can achieve your goals in business. It really is an exciting and an amazing experience to witness the transformational change in people around you. He then provides you with the ultimate and most powerful template for success and the one thing that’s unique about him... because he's the inventor of many new concepts, he's able to show you how to get the results you want in the fastest possible time.


This is what Dr Ruben West says about Jeff Smith after seeing him on stage
Duration 67 seconds

"When you book Jeff Smith for your event, you're not just booking an amazing speaker, 
you're booking someone who makes transformational change happen in your organisation.
This combination in a keynote presentation is mind-blowing


Nissan Logo"Jeff has made a strong impression on our dealer network staff in the delivery of training programmes and conferences - so much so that certain individuals look specifically to attend programmes that only he delivers - We've never known this before, it's totally unprecedented!!!

Jeff's inimitable style and delivery has meant that our dealership staff now have a real appetite for our training courses and conferences, what more can be said?

As a meeting planner, I need to have total confidence in the speakers and trainers I hire for our events, whether they're large conferences with thousands of people, or smaller, more intimate training programmes and Jeff Smith is always my #1 first choice. I know when I hire him he'll be there, he'll be ready and fully prepared before everyone else and he always leaves our delegates wanting more. He's able to shape his training and keynote addresses to perfectly suit the outcomes and objectives we've set for each of our events and as a meeting planner, I really cannot ask for anything more. He's a real pleasure to work with and the consummate professional.

Veronica Caspari - Nissan Motor GB



Neil Tonks of Inchcape PLC speaks about Jeff Smith

"I cannot overstate the impact of Jeff Smith’s presentation at our recent Inchcape Retail Group Aftersales Managers meeting which was held at The Heritage Centre in Gaydon. It was wonderfully simple to understand, yet very powerful in its approach in teaching us all how to further improve the profitability from our Aftersales departments.

He also managed to crisply communicate the message in a relaxed way and best of all we had some genuine fun when completing the KPI Quiz that he asked us to do.

There were some hard hitting messages in the presentation and we all concluded that he prepared a presentation that seriously differentiates him from the crowd and will most definitely help us to improve our performance. 

I highly recommend Jeff as a Professional Speaker for any conference.” 

Neil Tonks 
Inchcape Retail Group Aftersales Director


Jeff Smith interacting with an audience in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJeff Smith interacting with an audience
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker, Emcee and Facilitator for "The Journey Ahead Master Class" in Ireland

Jeff Smith Involves The Audience
It's Always Fun With A Serious Intent



Jeff Smith speaking at The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Jeff Smith speaking at the prestigeous Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The only 7-Star hotel in the world.

He never stands hiding behind a podium, he doesn't require an Autocue and he doesn't rely upon scripts.
instead he walks the stage fully engaging the audience speaking from heart with real passion.
Few people have the depth of knowledge to do this and at the same time have the ability
to deliver a message to the audience with the effect of an atomic bomb.


Jeff Smith interacting with an audience in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJeff Smith, Motivational Speaker for
KPI Best Practice at the Global
Conference in Aruba

Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker
explaining KPI Best Practice for 
an audience in Poland

Jeff Smith speaking with an audience in the USA of around 130 people with English and Spanish presentations in conjunction with a Spanish Interpreter.





Jeff's first-class credibility and 25-year proven track record is further supported by 1,000's of testimonials from people all over the world. Everyone who's worked with Jeff says the same thing over and over again...

"He's a genius both on and off the stage and he's the undisputed world #1 on KPI and Business Strategy."

"Jeff delivers the ultimate in high-value content, audience engagement and gives
a real life-changing experience."

Feedback for Jeff Smith keynote speech at the IBIS conference in Dubai


Jeff Smith working with the audience speaking at a conference in Bahrain

"If you want an important message delivered which people can understand and
leave the room wanting to take action... look no further than Jeff Smith"

When arranging a large conference or a more intimate affair with multiple languages,
rest assured you'll be in the hands of a real master. 


What's it like to work with Jeff Smith? - Here's an example on LinkedIn
Overcoming stage fright and working with the event team and meeting planners


Because of his vast experience as a successful businessman and an International Conference Speaker, Jeff has a unique perspective on business growth and therefore he doesn't teach theory, he teaches practical applications that improve business performance in the real world. His reputation is such that he's always being asked to be a mentor to all kinds of people including main Board Directors and Government Ministers.

Jeff Smith world number 1 leading expert on KPI and business strategy


10 Compelling Reasons Why
You Shoud book Jeff Smith as your Motivational Speaker


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